It’s a Very Happy Mothers Day at Medieval Times ~ Mom gets in for Free!

Disclosure: Complimentary tickets will be provided for this post. Mother’s Day is this weekend, if you haven’t noticed. ;) I’m a little late with buying gifts for the women in my life (my mom & grandma) but I’ll think of something they’ll like. They love anything I give them so I’m pretty lucky in that department. So if you haven't bought a Mother's Day gift for that special mom in your life, hurry up -- time is ticking. Remember that time we visited Medieval Times back in 2012 for my … [Read more...]

Winter Traveling Tips With Amy Tara Koch

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking with Amy Tara Koch, a former trend reporter for NBC and author of the popular pregnancy style book – Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement about traveling tips in the Winter months. If you've seen my rants on Twitter complaining about the snow and this wickedly cold weather, than you  already know that I do not like Winter. So normally, I do not travel anywhere in the winter months because I'm not a fan of the … [Read more...]

Travel Time at the W.H. Stark House

Everyone that I know can tell you that I love to travel.  It must be a part of my sign, which is a Sagittarius.  I especially love to look at different books and web sites about Italy, Australia and France.  I would love to go one of those places before I die.  I think if I was a millionaire, I would never be home.  I would be out traveling the world and looking at the many great places, especially landmarks.  Landmarks are one of the greatest things to see in the world because it tells you a … [Read more...]