“Errands” – The All-New 2011 Nissan Quest

The All-New Nissan Quest is perfect for the busy mom or dad who needs an abundance of cargo room and space for all the kiddies in your life. Below is an ad that will start airing on television on Monday, January 31st. Ain't it cool that you are the first to see this commercial before it airs? ;) The all-new Nissan Quest is a boldly designed minivan with innovations that make the toughest job on the planet a little easier. See how the Quest helps our mom manage her hectic lifestyle with … [Read more...]

Ever Seen An Ashley Madison Commercial?

If you haven't seen a commercial about infidelity, I found one of many on Youtube. This was my first time ever seeing a commercial from the horrible site Ashely Madison, which promotes cheating. I think that site is absolutely disgusting!! Where are their morals?? Their values?? In my opinion, if you want out on your marriage, there's divorce people!! … [Read more...]