My Son and I Attended the #TeenDrive365 Event in Mamaroneck, NY #ad

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My son and I bonded during our time at the #TeenDrive365 event in Mamaroneck, N.Y. this past Saturday.  The clinic was FREE and was only 2.5 hours. I say ONLY because the time went by so quickly. It was so much fun, exceedingly informative and the presenter Jim Million went above and beyond presenting the safety clinic! Everyone loved him!

We learned a lot about the safety of driving and so much more! Since my son is just beginning to drive (he currently holds a learner’s permit), I felt it was extremely important for him to attend this clinic so he will understand how dangerous being a teen driver can be.  He needed to hear all the facts from someone experienced other than his parents so it stays with him.  I’m sure that with a “whole lotta” knowledge about the risks of driving, it can definitely lead to a very successful driving record.

One of the things Jim taught us was that the one key to defensive driving is having a healthy paranoia.  What’s healthy paranoia? It means you have to be on high alert at all times and be ready for anything on the road.

The diagram that was used looked like this:


Perception = Reality ≠ Truth

So how does this relate to driving?

Well the driver next to you may look like they’re paying attention….but are they?

The driver next to you may look like they’re sober or not under the influence….but are they?

The driver next to you may look like they’re in a good frame of mind…but are they?

Always have your guard up when you’re driving on the road.  You never know who’s driving right beside you. Always keep this in mind  — It’s better to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel! 🙂

After this free safety clinic, I feel so much better knowing that my son has the knowledge it takes to be a safe teen driver.


Did you know that the leading cause for teens (ages 16-20 years) is automobile crashes?

Check out some Teen Statistics below:

  • Motor vehicle crashes are number one cause of death for teens.
  • Every year, more than 3,500 teens are killed in vehicle crashes.
  • Teen drivers are involved in fatal traffic crashes at over twice the rate of the rest of the population.
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed is the most common error in fatal crashes.
  • About 6,000 deaths and half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year.
  • Teens represent 6% of all drivers and 16% of all crashes.

Teens read or send text messages 26 times more often than their parents think.

Toyota is still offering the FREE “Teen Driver Safety Clinic” for teens and their parents at local dealerships.  This interactive safety clinic also includes car care tips, coaching techniques and other practical tools in a safe, non-sales environment.  Register for a class today!!

Below are the next few dates in the NY/NJ area:

  • Hempstead, NY October 18
  • Greenvale, NY October 19
  • Springfield Township, NJ October 25
  • Brooklyn, NY October 26

Not a resident of New york/New Jersey? Then be sure to check out your local Toyota dealership for more information.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    this sounds like a great program!

  2. Dawn Monroe says:

    I would love to attend this with my son. I need something extra to put my mind at ease. I hope they come to Ohio.

  3. Danelle Eisinger says:

    I hope this is around when my daughter starts driving! Great program

  4. Teen Driver Safety Clinics definitely make me feel safer on the road.

  5. What a fun event to attend! Great way to learn about safe driving with you child. Love this.

  6. shelly peterson says:

    These clinics are great for our teens. I would love to get my daughter in one, I will have to check into it.

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