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Circa June 2004 – Celebrating our 8-year wedding anniversary. This June we’ll be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary.

Ahhh Date night — It’s a wonderful thing between two people or sometimes more. It’s a time where you can just hang out, have a few drinks, eat and relax. It’s especially wonderful when you can talk to your spouse without any interruptions from the kids and just talk about ANYTHING on date night.

THAT is our dilemma.

But isn’t that the main reason couples go on date night anyway? To be alone as husband and wife. To listen to each other as a lover and friend? To remind one another that we’re still man and woman before being mom and dad?

I believe it’s very important to have a date night. The sad part is I couldn’t tell you the last time I went out on a date with my husband.

I would love to go on a date with my dear husband but it hasn’t happened in a very long time. It’s not that we don’t get along with each other because we do. We’ve been together since 1990 (almost 23 years) and married for about 17 years. Despite the length of time we’ve been together, I think we have a very good relationship. I really don’t know what it is. I’ve asked him numerous times to take me on a “real” date and it still hasn’t happened.

I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to sound like a broken record. I understand with work he can be extremely busy but you know what, marriage also requires hard work and dedication. In order to have a healthy AND happy marriage, you must make sure you work on it as well.

Do you believe in date night? If so, how often do you go? Do you have to beg?

Maybe you can help me by suggesting a way where we can start at home and venture out into the city? Share your tips!

Please, help me save date night!


  1. I’m right there with you. I can’t imagine the last time we went out on a romantic date just Hubby and I. We just never seem to have the time with everything that is going on during the week. I’m determined to make it happen soon though, so I will let you know how it goes…
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted..Monday Mingle #115

    • We really do need to set aside time for our marriage. If the parents aren’t happy and reconnecting then how are we supposed to show our children what marriage is? Lets make a bet that in the next month we go on our dates. Bet? 🙂

  2. maybe ask the kids to help out in having a parents only dinner night with candles and everything just for the two of you…. feed the kids beforehand….. and then send them off to watch tv and have a romantic candlelit dinner for two at casa de Perez lol

    • That sounds nice but I know my kids. They would be nosey pants like crazy. We would definitely need to go out and enjoy each other away from the house/kids/pets. But I do love your thinking Liz ;).

  3. Ohhh… I love Liz’s idea! A cnadle lit dinner at the house sounds romantic. I think that would be a great way to start. But don’t feel bad, I can’t remember the last time I went on a date night. Thank you for reminding me about Date Night, I may just have to go on one soon.. 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..Tamarind Margaritas Recipe Para La Fiesta! #CincdeMayo #DaisyFood

    • Way too many wives are not dating their spouses. Something’s gotta give! Lol We need to make changes and start dating like back in the days. 🙂

  4. Great post Lisa–
    Hubby and I have been together since 1996 and we haven’t had “outdoor” date night in a minute because we don’t have anyone to watch our boys. Over the years we have become very creative. We put our boys to bed early and make our own little romantic dinner and we recreate date night in our own home. It’s actually nice and intimate.
    I really enjoyed your piece
    Eileen Carter-Campos recently posted..A Heroic Mother and Her Online Auction For Diabetes Research

    • Hubby and I do something like that but I need a change once in a blue moon. Lol Thanks for stopping by and showing some love.:)

  5. We actually go on date nights pretty often. Well pretty often considering we have two kids. So it gets expensive by the time we pay the baby sitter and get a movie and dinner in. What we have done is taken the same day off of work and spend the day together while the kids are in daycare and school. Either shopping or watching a matinee have lunch. Just hang out. It really helps to have a conversation with your hubby without the kids around! Sometimes there’s decisions and things to be talked about and you don’t want your kids input. Hope I gave you some ideas!

    With men though, you can’t hint. I’ve literally gotten the babysitter and told him ok this Friday we are going out to eat. Seriously.
    Jai recently posted..Ackk! I’m going gray!

    • That’s awesome Jai! Before kids we were always going out and stuff. Miss those days of just us two. I found a coupon for a 4-course land and sea dinner at the melting pot. I’m telling him we are going next Saturday and that’s it! Lol

  6. whoa! 17 years!! CONGRATS!

  7. Asking your husband to come up with a date night can cause him stress. Instead, why not give him suggestions like pizza and bowling, chinese and a movie, deli and a walk in the park, fill in with what you both like to do and eat. If that works, sit and make a list of places and things to do. The Hudson Valley has much to do and see. Write them out on slips of paper and put them in a basket, pull one at the beginning of the month. Pick you date day, day or night and make your plans….make it special….some times planning can be just as exciting!!!

    • I never thought of that idea! You’re brilliant Lynn! When he gets back from his training, I’ll present it to him. Thank you!!!

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