My Weekend Was Filled with Birthdays, Cannoli Cake and Medieval Times!

What a weekend! I barely had any time to socialize online because I was busy hanging out with my lovely family enjoying two birthdays, delicious cannoli cake and Medieval Times.

This past Saturday was my son’s 16th birthday! I can not believe I am a mother of a sixteen year old. It feels like just yesterday when I had him and now poof, he’s turned into this wonderful young man. Sniff, sniff.

My husband and I wanted his 16th birthday to be extra special so we decided to go to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey to celebrate and make his milestone truly memorable. It took us about an hour and forty minutes so the ride was like a mini road-trip for us.

It was my first time seeing the show so I was beyond thrilled. With my husband and I working full time, I felt bad the kids haven’t had the best summer so I wanted to end the summer with a special treat. And boy was it special!

The show was awesome! We loved it! It truly is a magical experience if you’ve never had the chance to see the show. Once you enter the castle, it’s non-stop fun. These actors play their part really well. They get into their characters and it makes you believe that you are indeed a Lord or a Lady. 😉


There’s so much to do and see before the show starts. There’s little shops all around where you can buy wooden swords, t-shirts, costumes and so much more. It’s extremely easy to spend a lot of money here if you’re not careful so beware! It was good that we gave each of our kids a budget, except the birthday boy. He went home with a huge wooden sword for $30, which is a nice deal if you ask me.

When we first entered the arena, we were filled with excitement. I could not wait to see the show AND to eat the food. I was starving! First they serve you a tomato bisque soup with a round Focaccia bread that was warm, soft and delicious. During this time, the show starts and you get into the rhythm by rooting for your team. We were rooting for the blue team but sadly we didn’t win. Throughout the show, you are served your meal…with no silverware. The kids loved that part! You get oven-roasted chicken, a barbeque rib, two huge potato wedges and a apple turnover pastry that was to die for. We all left full and very satisfied.



After the show, we headed home to eat birthday cannoli cake and it was very delicious!  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and since he didn’t want to do anything special, we stood home and I cooked him dinner.  He was a happy camper.  I also got him tickets to go zip lining at The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum.  I got the idea from Groupon, which I absolutely love! For $43, I got two adult tickets to go zip lining for 3 hours. Each ticket is $49 so it’s like I got one for free and $7 off the first ticket. AWESOME DEAL!

At Groupon, you’ll find the best deals anywhere!  Trust me.


Disclosure: Tickets to Medieval Times were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with Medieval Times nor did Medieval Times give me any special discounts to see the show. I did call to find out if they would offer any media discounts but I was not contacted back.

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