Ramblings: Do You Know Who I like More?

That was the question that started a conversation between my six-year-old and I in my bedroom – “Do you know who I like more?”

You know the saying, there’s always a child a parent “likes” more than the other(s)?  Well, as for me, that’s not true. I love/like all my kids the same but differently because that’s what they are — different.

Apparently my 6-year-old, my baby — the one I carried for 9 months, likes one parent more than the other. The reason: I don’t give into her requests for snacks such as chips and cookies like her Dad does.


But then after she tells me that she likes Dad more, she says I like you more when it comes to yogurts and fruits because whenever I ask you for those things, you give in.

OK. I’ll take that. But you see how she tried to manipulate the situation and made sure to say she liked me more in another way?  And some people say children aren’t wise!

Yeah right!

I’m ok with being the “nutritious” parent rather than the “junk food” parent” any day. LOL

So, are you the “junk food” parent or the “nutritious” parent?


  1. I agree, kids know so much more than they get credit for. What a smart one you have there!
    I am the “in the middle” parent.

  2. too cute, kids are so bright!! don’t worry i’m the parent that always says “NO”, too!! lol

  3. Kids are so smart. I am surprised every day by the things my 5 year old say.
    I’m the bad parent too. My son always says “You never let me have anything” Okay, sorry about that.

  4. This is a typical case of perhaps a daddy’s girl letting mommie know… that she certainly loves both. But truth be told… she values mom’s voice of reason and daddy’s voice of freedom! ha

  5. I am mostly the nutritious parent, except for the fact that I am also the Starbucks parent, so the occasional muffin or brownie slips through 😉

  6. I’m totally the nutrition parent. Dad is junk food all the way… Grr!!
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