MVP #GenerationGo: My Favorite Back-To-School Tips (& a $50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway)

Back to school

As an MVP Generation Go Ambassador, it’s my duty to share various topics and tips with my readers to hopefully lead a healthy and productive lifestyle.  I’ve cover numerous topics ranging from exploring your community and my favorite kid-friendly recipe to finding creative ways for recreation and ways to manage your time wisely all while giving away a $50 VISA Gift Card, thanks to Kids Fun Plaza.

Nice, huh?

Well this week’s topic is Back-to-school.  I know in other parts of the country, school has been in session for a few weeks now but here in New York, there’s still time left to get everything that is needed for a productive school year. To be exact, we have 13 days — but who’s counting. 😉

As for us, we’ve been buying school supplies and new clothes little by little.  And let me tell you, everything is expensive. I’m a “couponer” so if I don’t see the word “sale” attached to the item or a coupon I could use, I rarely buy it. My kids get upset but they know their mom has a reason to her madness. We’re a one-income family and money can be tight at times so I need to watch what I spend.

This year is tough.  All three kids will be attending school full-time as opposed to just two.  My son, whose almost 15, will be a 10th grader; my 12-year-old daughter will be a 7th grader and my baby, she’ll be a first grader.

OMGosh, where did the time go?  It’s like they were born one day and going to school the next.  Time sure does fly by fast.

A few weeks before school starts, I make ground rules for all my children.  I need to.  If I don’t start a few weeks before school, their internal clock  would go haywire and think it’s on summer mode. What parent wants that? I sure don’t.


I start with a reasonable bedtime for all three — preferably before 9:30-10pm. My little one thinks it’s unfair she gets to go to bed before her brother and sister so the two older kids know when I say it’s “bedtime”,  it’s for the both of them to read quietly with their night-light for 30 minutes.  It calms them down and most of the time they are knocked out in about 20 minutes.


Every Sunday, it’s their job to empty out their back pack and remove the trash out of their bags. It’s amazing how much garbage accumulates in just one week.  My kids need to be diligent about not forgetting their projects or homework they might’ve put on the back-burner.  As a mom of 3, I know how things can slip through the cracks so making sure they empty their back packs once a week makes them less-forgetful.


It’s the most dreadful part of school for my son.  He thinks he can get away with not doing his homework so I make sure he takes a small break, get a drink, eat a small snack and as soon as he’s done, he is to sit at the kitchen table and start on his homework.  I believe if my son does nothing for too long, he gets too lazy to pick himself back up to do his homework on his own.  My 12-year-old is the total opposite.  I rarely have to send her to do her homework. She does it with no problems whatsoever.


I’m fortunate enough to have all 3 kids picked up right in front of our home.  Walking to school is not needed to make sure they get to school on time and I don’t have to worry about driving them either.  But I do have to worry about their safety on the school bus.  I always tell them to make sure they put on their seat-belts, stay in their seats and don’t distract the driver.  It’s difficult to monitor their behavior when I’m not there so they are sure to get a weekly speech from me.

So there you have it — a few of our tips that work for us.  It would be really great if you, my lovely readers, would share your best tips for a productive school year.




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  1. I make sure my son goes to bed by 9:30 and eats breakfast before he goes to school

  2. Mary Brown says:

    By making them go to bed earlier, starting two weeks before school starts so they will be used to the new schedule and by making sure they have their study place cleaned and organized again.

  3. Mary Brown says:

    Tweeted about giveaway

    Get your kids ready 4 school w/ a $50 VISA GC #giveaway from @NewYorkChica Ends Sept 3rd #GenerationGo #BackToSchool

  4. early too bed wake up early

  5. Michelle Espinoza says:

    making sure they have all their school supplies and a good lunch packed.

  6. making sure they get to bed on time! getting enough sleep is so important!

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  7. To always tell on a bully no matter what

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  9. Monica Young says:

    Single mommy to three who works full time so the best thing I try to do is have a routine and try to stick to it. Making sure laundry and homework and dinner gets done and spending time with my kiddos is my top priority.

  10. Start transitioning a couple of weeks before school starts. This means getting up a little bit earlier, going to be a little bit earlier, ensuring you’re eating breakfast, reading some more, etc.
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  13. Amy DeLong says:

    making sure we go over work done at school,eat well and get rest

  14. Amy DeLong says:

    fb fan of yours

  15. Louise Brouillette says:

    A couple of weeks before school starts, they should get on a “school night” schedule so their bodies can adjust.

  16. Jennifer Marie says:
  17. Tracey Byram says:

    Check over homework before bedtime. Lay out the next day´s clothing the night before.

  18. amy pugmire says:
  19. We get as much as possible ready the night before so mornings aren’t so hectic.

  20. Even when it’s summer or holiday, I make sure my kids do at least 2 hours of school work each day with a few exception, so they will always be in a habit of learning.

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  25. keeping a routine and plenty of rest

  26. We sign them up for activities at the library and musuem during the summer!

  27. Make the library and books a weekly part of your life.
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  28. Joanne Schultz says:

    Set a good example by doing some learning yourself, be it at college, adult education, or just a do-it-yourself learning!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  34. My tip is to get them excited about school during the prep process, when buying school supplies and new clothes.

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  37. Early to bed…early to rise

  38. audrey bell says:

    Routines– I try to be consistent with my son’s daily routine.

  39. Have them get everything ready the night before, and a good nights sleep. This might help them wake up with a bit more time.

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  43. My best tip would be to be sure and talk with your children, make sure they are comfortable and know they can tell you anything! Also bring your child in to meet with the teacher beforehand and find out where their classroom is. Bring their supplies at this time, it’s the easiest that way!