Shopping at Brookstone for Father’s Day

If I had choose any store to buy the perfect gift for my husband, the wonderful father of our three lovely kids, it would have to be Brookstone.  I can literally buy him dozen of items and spend thousands of dollars from that store alone!  It’s like a HUGE playground for the males I know.


Recently I was invited to preview some of the hottest items perfect for Father’s Day at the Brookstone store at Rockefeller Center in New York City.


Since my dad isn’t around anymore (may he R.I.P.), the main man in my life is definitely my husband.  He’s a great father and a great husband, very loving and caring to his children and I feel blessed everyday for having him in my life.


If I had three thousand dollars just laying around, I would, without a doubt,  buy him the OSIM UASTRO Zero-Gravity Massage Chair for those days he has worked his butt off, which is very often (my poor baby).  I tried out the chair personally and I’ve got to be honest, if you don’t mind being in confine places, this would be perfect for your aching body.  I’m claustrophobic so I got off quick.

One touch “zero-gravity” gravity recline elevates your torso and legs to make circulation easier.  it relieves pressure all along your spine, and it better positions your muscles to receive maximum benefits from the chair’s many massagers.  Body-scanning — before each program, rollers glide up and down your spine.  An optical pressure-point detection system measures the movements of these rollers to calibrate and customize your massage. Comes in two colors: Mocha and Black.


The next item I was interested in was the Motorized Grill Brush with Steam. My husband is the grill master in our house so this is one item he would love and appreciate. It powers away grease and grime without chemicals. It cleans with just the power of steam. It retails for just $25. Very affordable!


Shortly after viewing the Grill Brush, I spotted the Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter—Exclusive at Brookstone! It’s a flying copter-type device.  And this is no ordinary copter, the Parrot AR.Drone uses military-grade technology for super-stable flight. Being that my husband is re-entering in the military, he would LOVE this. Me — not so much. But then again, it’s for Father’s Day so I have no say. The best part is its on-board Wi-Fi system, where you control the copter using an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad™ device! It retails for $299.99.


ZokuNext was the Zoku Quick Ice Pop Maker. Ok, so this wouldn’t be ideal for any husband, it’s more of a gift for the moms (Like me!) or any kid. It freezes juices, yogurt and more in minutes while you watch. In literally 7-9 minutes, you can enjoy quick, easy and nutritious ice pops that contains no artificial flavorings or colors. You control the ingredients. And no more wailing kids wanting ice cream in a jiffy. Retails for $49.95.


What really caught my eye was the e-Pad® Portable Laptop Desk with Speakers. My husband is always fidgeting with his laptop on his lap and complains of the heat. This would be the icing on the cake after the zero-gravity chair. Right babe? Retails for $49.95.


CineminLast but not least was the Cinemin™ Swivel Projector for iPod® and iPhone®. This would be the perfect gift for the both of us. I adore my iPod Touch and download movies and TV shows so this would be the best thing ever. It’s the pocket-size projector that goes where TVs can’t. You can take your “60-inch-TV just about anywhere. What device can do that? It retails for $349.95 but it’s on sale for $249.99. You can’t possibly buy a 60-inch TV ANYWHERE for that price!


Also, check out the best gifts for under $100!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to a media event to check out the latest items at Brookstone.



  1. i think my dad would love massage chair
    Sunshine recently posted..The Scale is going to be the DEATH of me!

  2. so many fun ideas, i of course would like the ice pop maker too!

  3. I would love the laptop cushion with speakers! Tired of having to lean over the table while I’m using it.
    Isolated Existence recently posted..Lady Gagas New Video!

  4. Very cool, father’s day is always a hard holiday to shop for.

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