Healthy Choice Frozen Meals | Review

Getting and staying  healthy is something very important to me.  With so many obese individuals in this country, I vowed to eat right, feed my family healthy foods and snacks and stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Fact #1: According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, which puts them at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

But eating healthy isn’t always cheap, it can be quite expensive. If you shop wisely and shop the sales in your local supermarket circular, you can save tons of money.  Lately, I have noticed my local supermarket carries more organic fruits and vegetables on sale.  Feeding my family more organic foods means less pesticides they are ingesting, which is extremely important.  I’ve also included nuts and dried fruits to our diets and the kids are managing well with the small changes that I’ve made.  Although they love their chips, cookies and cake (who doesn’t?), I only buy them for a special occasion such as a birthday celebration.

During those times when I’m crunched for time, I tend to buy frozen foods so we can eat a quick and easy meal in just a few minutes.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a few frozen meals made by Healthy Choice.  With over 65 varieties for fewer than 400 calories that provide healthy nutrients such as whole grains, fiber, protein and antioxidants, I don’t have to worry about what I’m feeding my family.  Healthy Choice contains veggies that we love and fiber that we all need.

Fact #2: Brands with “healthy” in their name are held to a higher nutrition standard set by the FDA. Healthy Choice is the only major brand in its category that can call 100% of its products “healthy” as defined by the FDA. This means that each meal must be:
1.       Low in fat
2.       Low in saturated fat
3.       Controlled in sodium and cholesterol
4.       Supply at least 10% of the daily value for three beneficial nutrients    (calcium, protein, fiber, iron, vitamin A or vitamin C)

I tried the Spicy Caribbean Chicken.  I like my food spicy so it was my first choice.  I hesitated to buy the Spicy Caribbean chicken because I saw that it included pineapple in the dish but I noticed after removing the pineapple (I can’t eat hot pineapple, I tried it. I do enjoy it cold), I really enjoyed it.  The chicken was tender and juicy.  The beans and corn really complemented the whole dish because I love beans and corn.  I also loved the fact that the whole dish provided me with 30 grams of whole grains.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to post a picture of my meal.  I was so excited to try it that I forgot. 😉

Healthy Choice meals are available nationwide in a variety of frozen and shelf stable options. For more information visit or “Like” the brand on Facebook at

Disclosure: I was compensated for my review of the new Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees and received a few coupons to try the meals for my honest opinion by The Motherhood and Healthy Choice.


  1. NYC SingleMom says:

    I will have to give healthy choice a try. the problem I have with all fo the frozen entrees is the expense and pretty much buy them when they are on sale or have coupons.
    That said given what I eat for lunch its actually a better alternative from health, portion control perspective.

    • I love the frozen meals bc it’s convenient but you’re right, if they’re not on sale, they’re expensive. That’s why I buy when they are on sale and I use coupons. Stock up girl! 😉

  2. I love the Healthy Choice meals! I dont eat meat, so I am limited to which ones I can choose. However they make a portabella and spinach pasta one that is great. Also a few other pastas with tomato based sauces. My grocery sometimes has them priced at 2 for 5.00 which to me is a really good deal!

  3. HI!
    I love those meals.And everbody who says they are expensive: 2.99 USD for a complete meal which feeds me from the morning till the night is too much – really?How much is it if you go to BK,MCD,KFC or whatever to have something which is like that – its way more!
    I only eat:
    -one Kroger Yoguhrt in the morning – 60 calories and 0.45 USD
    -one Healthy Choice Meal (Favourite is Chicken Liguini Alfredeo) – 320 Calories and 2.99 USD
    -one Protein Shake with Milk before I go to the Gym (5 times a week btw) – about 300 calories and approx. 4 USD

    So one healthy day is 680 Calories and about 7.50 USD and that is too much for a day -seriously?

  4. I just love your healthy choice meals, however today I found I large chicken bone in the meal. I checked the box to see there was a warning. I did not find one, so can you please add the comment that possibly a chicken bone may be found.

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