Building The Perfect Sandwich With Chef Bobby Flay and Hellmann’s®

This past Monday I attended a fun and tasty event with Chef Bobby Flay and fellow bloggers at the swanky La.Venue in New York City sponsored by Hellmann’s®.

Iron Chef Bobby Flay has partnered with Hellmann’s to show the world how to build the perfect sandwich.  The perfect sandwich can be as small as you like or as tall as you like.  Just make sure you’re creative and you have sauce (Hellmann’s mayo, of course!), any meats (or no meats if you’re Vegan – in that case lots of veggies for you), cheese and some crunch such as lettuce, cole slaw or even chips!

Oh and remember this tip – “The wetter the sandwich, the better!” Straight from Bobby Flay’s mouth. 😉 Which means to make a good sandwich, you have to apply a condiment (mayo in this case) on both sides of the bread.

Another tip he shared is to cut the sandwich diagonally on a bias (on an angle) to show the contents of the sandwich.  It makes for a pretty presentation.

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At the event, we all sat down and was quickly entertained by Bobby Flay’s sandwich making skills.  The sandwiches he demonstrated were a new Orleans Chicken Muffuletta with Spicy Olive Relish Mayonnaise, A Miami Turkey Cuban and a New York Turkey Reuben with Thousand Island Coleslaw.  While he made these scrumptious sandwiches, we were all given samples while watching him make them.  They were all delicious but my favorite was the Turkey Cuban, believe it or not. I’ve had the original “Cubano” at a local Spanish restaurant and even though Bobby’s version was different, it was quite tasty. You have to try it out for yourself.

The best thing about these sandwiches is that they are not that difficult to make.  Once you have all the ingredients on hand, they are simple to make (recipes to come).

After the demonstration, it was time for all of us to try to make our perfect sandwich.  We were all teamed up at different stations by color. I was in the yellow team.

The Hellmann’s team had a variety of ingredients on display.  From salami, roasted chicken to turkey and different types of cheese such as provolone, cheddar and muenster.  With these ingredients, we were instructed to  make the best sandwich possible.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed but I quickly gathered some ideas from Bobby Flay’s recipes. I started with whole wheat sliced bread, a few slices of salami, turkey, cheddar cheese, thin slices of cucumbers, romaine lettuce, chips, Hellmann’s Mayo on both sides of the bread and Thousand Island coleslaw (very tasty!).

Hellman's Build Your Own Sandwich

After I assembled my sandwich, I wanted to give it a name. So I asked Bobby Flay,  “What would you name my sandwich?”  He said, “What’s your name?” I replied, “Lisa.” He said, “Ok call it a Lisa sandwich”. Cute Bobby, but I need something original. I decided to call my sandwich The Crotona Park Sandwich. I grew up in the Bronx and this park was a place for many fields trips so there you go.

(I ate half and brought the other half home. My son and husband LOVED it!)

Before I forget, I wanted to let you all know that Hellmann’s is giving away prizes from paninis to kitchen knives to an electric grill and THE grand prize of a $5,000 gift card for groceries to a lucky person who builds the perfect sandwich. You can enter once a day. The Build Your Perfect Sandwich Sweepstakes begins on April 11, 2011 and ends on August 15, 2011.

Disclosure: I was invited to the event by Hellmann’s. No monetary compensation was given but we were served delicious sandwiches to try out and a cute picnic basket to take home. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Oh Lisa, you have no idea how much I adore Bobby Flay’s kitchen skills. Most people have dreams of meeting Oprah, Angelina Jolie or Will Smith. My dream is to meet Bobby Flay. My hubby loves my cooking so much that he says he will invite Bobby over for a throw-down!! hahaha! Those sandwiches look amazing and I agree with Bobby–The wetter the better!! 🙂

    Damn, now I want a sandwich! 🙂
    Shelly recently posted..My tribute to working moms

    • He makes cooking anything look so easy. You need to come to NYC for these events. You would LOVE them!! Let me know if you want to one day. I will do my best to hook you up!

  2. I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. You can find the details on my blog here:
    ‘Epic’ job Blogging!!!

  3. You sandwich sounds yummy. My hubby said my sandwich making was one of the reasons he got with me. He said I made the best sandwich! :o)
    isaida@mami dearest recently posted..Sticky Sweetness – Kinda Wordless Wednesday

  4. Terri S. says:

    I’ll be watching for the recipes from you. I have been using Hellman’s Mayo my whole life – in my opinion it’s the best mayo! I’ve never had Thousand Island Coleslaw – do you have that recipe? Your sandwich looks delicious and it’s making me so hungry. 🙁

    • It’s the ONLY mayo we buy/use in our house. It is the best! I will post the recipe to the thousand island coleslaw so be on the look out for that! Thanks for visiting and of course, leaving some comment love 😉 Happy Easter!

  5. Great recap, and what a good looking sandwich! I love all the crunch from the veggies in it. It was so nice to meet you at the event.
    Sarah Caron recently posted..Eat Live Be For a Better 2011- What I Can’t Live Without


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