Friends: How Many Can YOU Count On?

“If you’re lucky, you’ll have a few great friends in your lifetime”, my grandmother once told me. I was young at the time and it didn’t really set in until after I married and had a child. Life’s natural filters sifted out my real friends and soon I found myself with a pretty tight, supportive, and wonderful circle of friends – they’re really my sisters that have become the greatest resource I could ever attain.

Thinking back to my junior high school years, my friends and I would gossip about the teachers we thought were obnoxious, the boy we crushed on, and the latest fashion trends. We used to be obsessed fascinated with Keanu Reeves and Seventeen Magazine. As I grew up I realized it was so much more than magazines and boy crushes.

A Good Friend…

Respects you

Listens to you

Has patience

Shares with you

Has compassion over you

Understands you

Loves you

Trusts you

Over the years and through much experience, I learned that a real friendship is so much more than what’s on the surface – a great friendship wraps around these components. Those are the threads that help us to grow. They strengthen the bond that withstands the winds and blows of life.

"A great friend can calm your fears, ease your anxieties and make you laugh at yourself all at the same time. "-Me

Friends prolong your life too. (As if friends didn’t have so much to benefit from as it is!) Yes, it’s true. Studies have shown that having a network of friends keeps you healthy, helps those that are ill recover faster, and overall give your life positive energy.

If you are as blessed as I am, you can count on few friends to be there for you when you really need them. You can count on them to help you come to your senses when you get delirious or to simply support you in all your endeavors. Friends remind you of you you really are – they’re your greatest resource.

Written by Rachel Negron, A Latina lifestyle mommy blogger sharing her stories, recipes, and poetry on The Digital Latina blog and My Life Simple and Beautiful.


  1. Beautiful post… and I completely agree. Life’s filters will sift out those along your path and leave you with friends that are indeed REAL. Cherish those. I do.


    ps this is the version I spell-checked. LOL
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