Tips On Keeping Your Mascara On Your Lashes

I don’t normally blog about beauty because there are tons of beauty blogs out in the blogosphere that I frequent and I learn from them but I think I should at least write posts about things that I do that makes my “beauty time” easier, right?

I’ve been using mascara since I had my son. I was never really into eye makeup before then, just a little eye liner. I was once told that adding mascara to your lashes will make your eyes stand out and they were definitely right.  I love mascara but sometimes applying mascara can get tough let alone keeping the mascara on your lashes and not on your eyelids or under your eye.  So I complied a short but easy list on what to do to keep your mascara on your lashes.

1. Buy A Curling Mascara: If you don’t own a lash curler or don’t really use one but have one (like me) buy a curling mascara like Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. This stuff is like magic!  All I do is after I apply my eye shadow and eye liner, I apply this mascara and voila, long, curly lashes without all the work with dealing with a lash curler. And it has a great price. At under $7.

2. Buy A Hair Dryer With A Cool Setting: If you don’t have a hair dryer with a cool setting, make sure you invest in one. It’s not just for your hair.  After I apply my mascara, I turn the hair dryer on to low and press the cool setting button and point it towards my lashes until they are dry, which takes literally seconds to dry. Works every time.  No more getting mascara on your eye lids or underneath your eyes.

3. Use Waterproof: If you’re an emotional person (like me, lol), use waterproof. You can cry your eyes out and you won’t look like a raccoon when you use a good waterproof mascara. There are makeup removers that work specifically for waterproof makeup so don’t worry if you think you can’t remove it.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share?


  1. I often use mascara for eye makeup. The tips in this post would help me a lot to make it better looking. Thank you for sharing. It is so useful.


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