I Love Summer But….

When I want my kids to go to bed at a decent time, they don’t.


Because they say it’s still light out. My five year old says “mom, it’s not time for bed yet – I can still see the trees.  When it’s night time and I can’t see the trees anymore, then it’s bedtime.”


Don’t get me wrong. I love the long summer days when you can hang out and enjoy the night time air but when it comes to putting my kids to bed so I can spend some quality time with my hubby, I can’t.

Maybe I should invest in room darkening shades. What do you think?

Do you think it will fool my clever little five year old? Hmmmmm


  1. I doubt it will fool her, she’s pretty smart, but it’s your job to set the boundaries, so regardless of whether or not she can still the trees, when you say it’s time for bed, then it’s time for bed. (Punto! y Final!)

  2. lol. My youngest is pretty good so far. My son I have to tell him to go to bed. He does fall asleep quick. My oldest on te other hand…….

    • She’s usually good but lately she’s been a little bit of a pain. But what is working is taking away her computer privileges. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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