Wordless Wednesday – My Two Girls

I’ve had a busy week.

My daughters birthdays are just days apart (11 yr. old is the 7th and 5 yr. old is today) from each other and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately.  Good thing my 11 year old was ok with not having a party this year (last year she had a huge party) so we are celebrating my 5 year old’s birthday at good ol’ Chuck E Cheese’s with all of her friends from school.

So happy birthday to my big girl and happy birthday to my little girl. Just know that you will always be my babies.  😉


  1. That’s such a sweet photo! Isn’t it incredible how understanding kids can be sometimes? My 5yo never complained about not having a birthday party…

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girls!

  2. Awww…beautiful girls!

  3. Beautiful picture – Happy Birthday to both of your sweet daughters!!

  4. It’s a relief to see them both smiling. In my family we didn’t share very well. Keep up the good work!

  5. @kcrojas says:

    So beautiful!!!! 🙂 You are blessed!! 🙂 Hope you and your girls celebrated this birthday seaon in style 🙂

  6. As much as they are beautiful here, one has to just see them IRL to know how much more beautiful they are. Happy birthday to the sisters.

  7. Didn’t do WW but wanted to comment on the picture. Beautiful picture, the three girls of the house. Hope both of them had a great time on their birthday 🙂

  8. I this weekend you can relax some. Tell the ladies HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  9. Your girls are adorable!

  10. Hey this pic is Great! You & The Girls look soooo GOOD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the two sweetest girls I know! Love you Always!

  11. Happy birthday to BOTH ‘lil’ Chicas! 🙂

  12. chuck e cheese you are brave. your daughters are adorable. Hope they have a great birthday.

    • Linda, that is why I am having the party at 10 AM!! I hate rowdy kids so by the time our party is over, Chuck E Cheese will be CRAZY!! Thanks 🙂

  13. That is such a pretty picture of you with your girls. I hope your daughters had a great time on their special days!

  14. Beautiful girls! Hope they had a wonderful birthday!

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