Do You Always Shop Within Your Budget?

I often wonder if I’m the only person that always, without fail, go over my budget when it comes to food shopping. I don’t know what it is.

I think I’m doing it right.  Before I leave my house, I always start off with a list. I go in the pantry and see what’s missing and I do the same in the refrigerator.  I leave with cash in my purse (it saves me more money, in my opinion), my coupons and my list.

Once I’m at the store, I try to stay on track with what’s on my list.

That doesn’t always happens though.  What ends up happening is that I find myself looking around too much.  It’s not my fault. I can’t help it.  Especially when I see extra virgin olive oil on sale and NOT on my list, I HAVE to get it. Who can pass up a great sale on extra virgin oilve oil? That stuff is like liquid gold if you ask me.

But seriously, sometimes I even have to put stuff back (that’s so embarrassing) because I didn’t listen to my husband when he said to make sure I have back up money and take my debit card. I always say, no, that’s ok, this time I know I’ll stay within my budget and when I get home, he always tells me I told you so but you never want to listen.

Yea, he’s right but I won’t tell him. 😉

Well, today I went over-budget. I was at my local Bj’s Wholesale Club store and I had a budget of $100.  In my opinion, you can EASILY spend at least $200 in that store but I only went in to get a few things for the week – Such as cold cuts, bread, chips, milk, bread and eggs.

When I got there, I remembered I had to buy some car oil for my husband’s truck and decaf coffee for my keurig brewer (gotta have my decaf b/c of my damn thyroid!).  Those two items alone costs about $55. That is more then half of my budget right there.  I carefully chose the items that I needed and the total came up to $127.83.  Ok, it wasn’t that bad but it still went over.

Thank goodness I brought about $140 so I wasn’t embarrassed because I had to leave some items in the store.

I know there must be a better solution to this madness.  Maybe I should take a second look at my pantry and dig a bit deeper and find out what’s really missing.  I should also check out the circulars before I go so that I can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

What do you think?

Do you go through this madness too? (Please tell me yes!)


  1. Hey,

    I sure do, happens almost all the time. What I have been doing is looking on line and most supermarkets have a circular available on line. This way I can get a bigger bang for my buck. I see whats on sale and whats not on sale and this way I get a better outlook on what I need. You know, sometimes, its good just to go to those aisles where your listed item is. I used to be the type to go through EVERY aisle. Yea, kill me!

    You are not alone… 😉

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone. I love knowing that people are going thru the same madness that I am.. LOL Sounds awful doesn’t it? But it’s not.. LOL I’m harmless! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I am sooo bad at following a grocery budget. I get to the store and find more deals that weren’t on the list.. I feel like I have to buy the deal and save later on in the month

  3. Yes, that happens to me when I go to Target. I go with my list, the amount of money I want to spend. Then I start browsing and I end up going over. Sometimes I take out things I don’t really need before I get to the register but I have had to leave things at the register lots of time. Last time I went I had to do it, lol. You are not alone…

    • Oh no, don’t get me started with target. That place can suck you dry!! LOL I love target but you can spend A LOT of money there. Walmart’s the same way :/

  4. I try not to, but it does happen on occassion. Usually when I’m making a more elaborate meal or I’m expecting more guests than usual.

  5. Walmart is a killer for me. I don’t exactly go in their with a ‘budget’, but I often visit for a ‘couple of things.’ I almost always leave with more than I bargain for. I usually tell myself, ” don’t spend over $20 this time.” There is always something extra in my hands and have you seen the checkouts lately? They have extended the crap surrounding you as you wait in those looooonnnnggg lines. Im constantly grabbing IceBreaker Ice Cubes and and Mentos Gum (which I haven’t even opened yet) just because it’s staring at me.

    • Walmart is definitely the killer too. Before I thought about using “cash only” for purchases there, i would use my debit card and it was almost always close to $200. But I love that you can buy meats, detergent, coffee, clothes and housewares – all in one place!

  6. I think everyone goes through madness when they shop. Believe it or not I think Sam’s or BJs or any of the warehouses add to the madness. You have to buy too many items in bulk. Sure they say it saves you money, but truly I don’t think it does. I like variety. In supermarkets sales are abundant and you can buy as many or few of the items you want. It takes getting used to; many people have it down to a science, but in the long run I think you can really stay within a budget and profit from sales.

    • It depends on what you buy. Some items like paper products, you can lose lots of $$$. I like the variety of a supermarket too 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  7. Jessie C. says:

    I’m bad in keeping in budget when shopping@Costco and Target. Basically superstore is my weakness, sigh! Seems like I can always find something someone someday “might” need/useful in good price.

  8. Okay, seriously, this happens to me at any grocery store!

    The fruit, dessert, meat, etc.

    I am really bad about this, and there are times when I have to leave stuff at the register too!

    It is SO embarrassing!

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