Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just when I thought Valentine’s Day meant just another day, my wonderful husband hands me a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates  and a beautiful card.   He even gave my sister (who babysat all 3 kids for me yesterday so I can attend an event) a box of chocolates as well as our two daughters.  Isn’t he the sweetest?  He wasn’t always interested in Valentine’s Day so this was a HUGE surprise.  He always said it was all “too hyped up and all bullsh*t”.   So needless to say, his feelings for the “holiday” rubbed off on me too. 

Now he has me thinking I should at least get him a card and cook him a nice dinner.  You know, so I won’t feel guilty. =) What do you think?

Oh yes, before I forget.  I found a poem I wrote years ago – (or maybe found in a magazine; I don’t remember) in 1991.  It was in one of my memory boxes up in my closet.  I don’t even remember writing it but it’s in my handwriting (not the best handwriting either).

Just in case you can can’t read it, this is what it says:

True Love

True love isn’t old,
it’s something quite new.
You can’t go and seek it,
for it seeks you.
True love is invisible,
no one knows when it appears.
Too many unusual things,
with so many fears.
True love is great,
as long as you both understand,
no one can change it,
it’s both of your hands.
True love is honesty,
only among two.
When the honesty grows,
it then becomes true.

Author Unknown

Hope you enjoy my poem and hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.


  1. That’s so nice of him! A nice dinner and some sweet love later 😉 That poem is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  2. That is pretty cool. Sounds like you are having a nice Valentine’s Day. That is awesome. Nice poem also.

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