Chatting with Kristen Cunningham at Raymour and Flanigan

A month ago, I was invited to the Raymour and Flanigan furniture store at its newest location – 66th St. and Broadway in New York City.  I was extremely excited because I was going to meet and chat with the design diva, Kristan Cunningham.  Just in case you were wondering (shame on you if you were) who is Kristan Cunningham, let me share some details with you.

KC_RRHGTV She was the host and lead designer on the show, Design on a Dime for four years and she is a regular guest on the Rachael Ray Show – Two of my favorite shows! I remember staying up late to watch Design on a Dime because I worked late and didn’t get home til’ midnight and I loved how bubbly and sweet she was on the show.

And let me tell you something, she is exactly like that in real life. Down to earth, sweet, bubbly and full of great design expertise.  It was like a dream come true meeting her in person. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various holiday designs for different parts of the home and for me to ask her any questions I had about my home as well.

Here are the three main questions I needed help on:

I am having a difficult time decorating my girl’s room because they are 7 years apart and have very different styles.  Would it be ok if the room had different themes or should the theme match?

A kid’s room is their sanctuary- the one place they have to call their own, so when they share a space, the most important thing you can do is provide a distinction or “zone” from one child’s space to another. Each of their interests should be reflected, but tying everything together with a common color scheme can usually keep the room from feeling disjointed.

I always suggest a family meeting to sit down and talk through an approach together- this way, mom- as well as each of the kids- feels that they have a say. If each girl likes a different color- let’s say hot pink, turquoise and apple green- than look for a fabric that incorporates all three to use as window treatments, but then 3 different  fabrics that are predominantly each of those favorite colors to use as a pillow on each of their beds.

A solid neutral bedding option will maintain consistency, while a blanket at the foot of the bed can; again, coordinate with each girl’s chosen signature color. The walls can, again, be a solid neutral color, but maybe there is a racing stripe of paint or even a canvas covered in fabric to coordinate with each child’s color to represent that it’s their zone or space. If one loves the Jonas Brothers, one loves puppies and one loves surfing, then help each choose a poster or print that represents their hobbies or likes, but ties into the color scheme, and then frame all 3 in matching frames to provide unity.

You can also opt for furniture sets like this Build-A-Bear collection, where the drawer faces are interchangeable. This will allow each child to choose the color that she wants displayed, while maintaining a common aesthetic.

I always paint my rooms all one color and have the base & trim a white color but I notice that many shows on HGTV have an accent color wall. Is it always necessary to have a wall in a room a different color?

Absolutely not! The accent wall became very popular as so many design shows hit the airwaves and utilized this approach to make a dramatic statement for minimal cost. They CAN be very dramatic and very effective, but they can also often look tacky and irrelevant to the rest of a space.

I only like to incorporate them if there is a wall that is truly going to make sense to serve as a focal point and if the addition of that accent color is going to add something special or purposeful to the room, i.e. to tie in a special piece of art across the room.

My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our kitchen but cabinets are so expensive.  What is the best place to buy kitchen cabinets with breaking the bank?

Ikea! Believe it or not they have good quality wood frames and the designs are endless.  You can have them custom fit to your kitchen design and they can do it all virtually on a computer.

How cool is that?  I never knew Ikea would be the best place to buy kitchen cabinets. I always thought it would be the “other” home improvement stores.

Kristan Cunningham gave me useful and unforgettable information.  It was a pleasure “picking her brain”.  We also talked about our private life too.

Overall, the meeting was fantastic and it wouldn’t have been possible without Laura and Meghan from MWW Group for making this happen. I had a wonderful time. Thanks girls!


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Full disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for my opinions in any way.


  1. I have to say interior design is my biggest weakness. Shopping and making decisions is the worst for me but I love these home shows that give you great ideas at affordable prices.

  2. I love home decorating shows and HGTV!

    I am constantly trying to update my apt. , in fact, I went shopping this weekend at Jennifer Convertible. But I think I will head on over to Raymour and Flanigan to see if I can find anything with the coupon you provided! Thank you!

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