I’ll Admit It – I’m a Procrastinator!

HTR064I did something I wouldn’t normally do but for some strange reason, I did.

I ordered some Christmas items for my kids through Walmart.com and since I was going to receive two separate shipments I forgot about the second shipment that I am still waiting for.

So, silly me, decided to check out Amazon.com and noticed they had the same item for the same price with free shipping. I thought, cool, I’ll order that today and it’ll get here by Christmas.

So, I made my order and received confirmation that the order will be processed in the next 24 hours.  A few minutes later, I received another email from Walmart.com stating that my order was shipped and there it was.  The item (I can’t say what it is due to my kids reading my blog at times) was right there on the bottom of the email.

I thought, Oh no! What have I done? I immediately went on Amazon.com to cancel my order plus write an urgent email to their customer service to make sure it was canceled.

A few hours later, Amazon.com emailed me stating that they canceled the order and my credit card was not charged.

Whew! What a relief!

Thank goodness their customer service rocks!!

I am such a huge procrastinator and so forgetful lately. I think I need to take some extra vitamins and some Ginkgotoo.

So, am I the only one that is scrambling their brain to get all the gifts ready in time for Christmas? 😉

Full Disclosure: This was NOT a sponsored post.  I simply love to have the simplicity of shopping from home at two great online stores; Walmart.com & Amazon.com.


  1. Hi There!
    I have done done before myself, once. Only I didn’t get on it quick enough to cancel one. lol

    I rather shop at the stores. Did I really say that!???! But honestly getting in the middle of it all, puts me in the mood of Christmas.
    Only problem, these days I only have Wanda to buy for.

    Do hope you and your family have a big, safe and Merry Christmas!! x

  2. NYC Single Mome says:

    Hey there i am a procrastinator too. I think i am done though I am waiting for my last shipment

    just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Best Blog Award


    • I still have to visit the stores :/ I didn’t get everything I wanted online so I am doomed! LOL Thanks for the award. Now I need to pass an award out too.

  3. I like going to the mall and stores to touch and play with gifts prior to buying but since baby boy is 1.5 years old he has lots of energy and limited patience for shopping with me so this year we did most online shopping and it was fabulous.

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