I Think I Need To Clear The Air.

j0433243I had a few negative comments (& lost some readers too) about using the word “oriental” so I deleted it from the post, “It Only Happens To Me“. The reason why I deleted  it was because I had some negative feedback and I didn’t want people to think that I was being insensitive in any way.

I was not being “racist” (yes, I had a comment that stated that) or meant for it to be negative in any kind of way toward Asians or anyone.  It was just because I believe anyone can do wrong, no matter what race or gender the person is.

I’m sorry but I didn’t know what this lady really had in her mind.  She caught me off guard and I had my defense mechanism on high at the moment.

In my opinion, you never know who will mug you; male or female.  Especially with the way this economy is.  So to have my guard up like that, was very natural to me.

It’s funny how some people can interpret what others say and turn it around to be a negative thing.

That was definitely not my intention.

So if I offended anyone, I apologize but there was no need for negative comments.  I’m a minority (Latina) and I’m very proud of it so I would not judge anyone just because of their race.

Believe me.

So I hope “those” that left negative comments, understand my point and continue to read my blog because I try to write about positive issues, not about anything that is negative.


  1. I didn’t read the post but think it’s really mature and classy of you to extend an apology like this to your readers. I’m quite sure your intentions were not to offend, and I would hope that your readers are willing to open their hearts, remember that none of us are perfect, and accept your apology, as it is clearly coming from a very sincere place.

    • That is so nice of you. Thank you for your thoughtful words and yes, I hope so too 🙂 If you get a chance, please read the post. Thanks again.

  2. I totally agree with Yakini. You made a mistake but you owed up to it! Sometimes all it takes is hearing someone apologize, sincerely, and I hope they get the opportunity to read this post.

    Life is full of lessons. Some learn and change, as you are doing, while others become indignant and offensive. I hope the person(s) who were offended find it within their hearts to forgive you, as I’m sure you did not do it intentionally.

  3. I am always saying or writing something that is misread to hurt someone else when I had no intention of that. Good for you for righting it and moving on!

  4. I went back to read your article and I guess you took out the “offensive” word. Has anyone heard of giving the benefit of doubt. If I followed your blog daily and have grow accustomed to your writing and gotten to know you I would first assume that you weren’t the type of person to do something bad toward someone. Then i would have send something like are you aware that the “o” word is like calling us those choice words? And if you did it again then I would make some kind of accusation.

    There are so many rules out there about what is right or PC that things get tricky. To assume the worst says more about the person who make the comment than about you. If you really expect me to be that nasty then why are you following me? You are trying. Everyone is trying and we all make mistakes. We teach each other with gentleness and move on. In my book, a simple I goofed, i’m sorry and let’s move on would have been suficient. Your apology was outstanding.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  5. I read the original article the day you wrote it, and the most important thing I gleaned from it, was for more women to follow their instincts! I didn’t notice the offensive word to be honest. I remember that you had your kids in the car and someone approached the car and your radar went up. That’s what everyone needs to focus on. So many women get hurt by not following their instincts or by being too trusting when approached by a stranger. Honestly Lisa, I don’t see where an apology was necessary here, but it’s very classy of you to choose to do so.

  6. I meant to reply to this days ago…I read your original blog and didn’t think your mention that the person was “asian” was racist. I talk about asian people all the time so am I racist? LOL.

    I think some people are quick to take some things out of context and make a big deal. Happened to me a few times =). While it was nice for you to post an apology I hope you keep sharing stories on your blog honestly.

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