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petesdagonGet ready for a magical adventure, filled with friendship, fun and heartwarming songs with the Pete’s Dragon High-Flying Special Edition DVD. This Walt Disney classic family film from 1977 now comes with dazzling new bonus features!

It’s a ”Brazzle Dazzle Day” when an orphan named Pete and his best friend, Elliott – an invisible dragon – wander into the seaside village of Passamaquoddy. Although Pete befriends the lighthouse keeper, Nora (Helen Reddy), and her salty old father (Mickey Rooney), the townspeople think he is behind the hilarious ”accidents” that keep happening. But after a daring rescue, everyone believes in Pete?s fire-breathing buddy.

Featuring an all-star cast (Shelley Winters, Red Buttons, Jim Backus and Jeff Conaway), Pete’s Dragon is a timeless classic every member of your family will love. Plus, the new High-Flying Special Edition includes an all-new behind-the-scenes look at the film’s magical mix of live-action and animation, never-before-heard original demo recordings and much more!

Walt Disney Pictures has done it again.  Remastering an oldie but goodie. Pete’s Dragon is an awesome family movie.  Its filled with music, love and life (not the ideal life).  It’s also a movie I vaguely remember.  I guess it’s because I was only 3 years old when it was first released but the one thing I can’t forget is the bright, green dragon. He was the only one that is in my long-term memory. My husband, on the other hand, was thrilled to know that we received Pete’s Dragon, High-Flying Edition.  He remembers the movie very well and throughout the movie, he was an amusing annoying commentator.  The one part that I didn’t like was that since this movie was remastered, I wish they would’ve done a better job at making the dragon look “real”.  With all the technology that Disney has, I’m sure they could’ve made him look realistic.

Other than that, the movie was very entertaining and my kids loved it.

Check out a clip from the movie:



hannahmontana Get ready to be dazzled by Disney’s big-screen smash hit HannahMontana the Movie, filled with laughs, adventure, family fun and fabulous music! Come along for the ride and see Hannah like never before as she returns to her roots and faces the most important decision of her life! When Miley Stewart (aka pop-star Hannah Montana) gets too caught up in the superstar celebrity lifestyle, her dad decides it’s time for a total change of scenery. But sweet niblets!Miley must trade in all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for some ol’ blue jeans on the family farm in Tennessee, and question if she can be both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana. With a little help from her friends and awesome guest stars Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and Vanessa Williams, will she figure out whether to choose Hannah or Miley? Hannah Montana the Movie is a heartfelt major motion picture perfect for the entire family.

At first, I was reluctant to watch it. After hearing so much negative news about Miley Cyrus, I didn’t want to give this movie my time, you know what I mean? But I knew my girls loved Hannah Montana so I was happy to know I was able to review the movie before the release date.

When the movie first started, I wasn’t into it but as time went by, I noticed I was actually enjoying it. My girls were shocked that I was laughing too.  I couldn’t help it, some parts were so funny and stupid.

Hannah Montana, who is a city girl (Miley Cyrus) is forced to live in the country to find out that the “glamour life” isn’t everything and there’s more to life then just pretty shoes.

If you’ve got little girls and they love Hannah Montana, they’ll love this movie!

Below is a clip of the infamous Hoedown dance. Check it out:

And here’s some bloopers to make you laugh:


Both Pete’s Dragon High-Flying Edition and Hannah Montana: The Movie are available NOW on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Release date: August 18, 2009

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