This is crazy!

Yesterday when I was reading the newspaper, something I read really shocked me. It said a student from the school district my children go to had the Swine Flu and has recovered.

I said to myself, WHAT?  I couldn’t believe my eyes so I read it again because I was completely shocked.

Here’s the shocker!

The thing is we won’t know which school this student goes to because they are not releasing the name of the school that he/she attends.

Isn’t that crazy?!

I don’t understand this at all! What right do they have to keep this very important news away from us?

As a parent and as a tax payer, I believe we should have the choice to find out what and where this school is.

So what they are afraid the schools will need to be shut down because they need to disinfect everything from top to bottom.

So what!  These schools need to be disinfected anyway!

I am so upset about this! Am I wrong to be upset? Am I overreacting??

This is outrageous!!  I really can’t believe it!

What do you think I should do?


  1. I totally agree with you on this! A boy in Little Man’s class (2nd grade) has been hospitalized for about a week now but they haven’t closed the school down. Thankfully, Little Man is ok. Then last week I had the scare with Big K- its enough to make a Mommy want to scream! But as always life has to go on and routines must be followed and unless we band together the school system will not bend. Perhaps you can speak to other parents in the school and have a petition filed to find out if the child was in your school and what they are doing to protect the other students?

  2. I think that your reaction is exactly the reason why they are not releasing the information. If it is your kid’s school, I bet you will keep him home until you have seen for yourself that the whole school is disinfected. And perhaps all parents will do this. Which just doesn’t make sense. Why should the authorities cause an unnecessary panic?
    I might be mis-educated on the subject, but I though the virus spreads from human to human. Flu virus MIGHT survive 2 to 8 eight on a surface, and this period is long over before you know about the first case. Disinfecting the building is just not useful at all.
    Also, there are regulations for these kind of things and the regulations are based on real information on the flu and not public panic. You can read at that No specialized cleaning or disinfection is required, but custodial engineers and building managers should attend to good maintenance practices such as:
    Regularly cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, cafeterias and doorknobs in common areas
    Ensuring that all bathrooms are stocked with soap and paper towels
    Opening windows to ensure that the building is properly ventilated

    And to be honest, that does make a lot more sense to me than keeping all kids away from school. Just make sure that your kids knows and follows the basics of washing hands, using tissues, not touching nose and mouth etc.

  3. I would love to write and say what a great job you did on this, as you have put a lot of work into it.

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