It’s that time once again!

Yup! I’m getting the itch to switch!

My theme, that is. I’m on a quest to find another template for New York Chica and most likely change the header.

I’m getting tired of the look and I think my blog needs more of a Spring/Summer feel.   Maybe something bright and cheery, I’m not sure yet.

So in the near future, if you see something different here, it’s just me trying out different things.

So stay tuned!

PS. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Change must be in the air. I just have not had the time to dedicate to create the header or color. Eghhh… Need help 🙂

    Much luck with the change. I like your current look, but I do udnerstand how it is when you want a new look 😉

  2. just curious who designed your website, I want to make a change and am at a a loss who I should use to make the changes I want

    • I actually found the theme on a site, I can’t remember from where. Then I made my own header using PhotoShop and redid the colors in the background. It took some time because I’m not that great when it comes to html and CSS. Good luck on your change too.

  3. Hi, just stumbled on your site. I like it; however, I feel like I need to change mine too. I’m still currently in Blogspot and thinking about upgrading to WP.

    I just signed up to follow you in Twitter. I’m “Mommy Kennedy.”

    I also just signed up as a subscriber.

    My site is
    Stop by anytime!

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I think you’ll love WP. I once had Blogger but I wanted a change also and switched it over to WP. I love it.

      Thanks for the bloggy love!

  4. I’ve gotten used to your header so much, so I kinda like it as is, but I’d be excited either way to see what you come up with next. Are you going for yellow? Or perhaps and all-red theme?

    • I have no idea. I’m still looking. I love the header also but it’s time for a change. I get bored easily but good thing I don’t get bored with my hubby. LoL!

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