It’s starting already!

My baby girl is talking about boys!  OK, I know she’s not a baby, she is almost 10 but she’s still my baby!  This is what I was afraid of but I knew in my mind it was inevitable.  So, what can I do to make myself feel better?  I know I have to deal with it but I need some help.

So, does anyone have advice for me?  I could sure use some. Thanks!


  1. Good luck with that!

  2. It’s OK. Talking about boys is fun. Just remember to try to get in the conversation without being defensive. Reassure her that is ok to talk to mommy about anything! OK If it doesn’t let her call TITI Sylvia 🙂

  3. I meant to say if it doesn’t work let her call TITI Sylvia ok

  4. Talking is good…that means she isn’t sneaking around.

  5. I think that’s pretty normal for her age. I remember having my first crush at that age. And if it makes you feel better, last year my son, 2nd grade, had a little neighbor girl start riding her bike back and forth in front of our house waiting for him to come outside.

    Then there’s the little girl across the street who’s mother tells me that she thinks my son is the bomb and gets all excited that she doesn’t look right at the bus stop because of it.

    And then last week my son, who’s now almost 10, announced he had a girlfriend. After much questioning “girlfriend” means that he thinks she’s cute and she thinks he’s cute. Phew!

    Wait. Who are all of these hussey’s coming after my boy?:)

    No seriously. It’s all pretty normal. I think if you can just keep them talking to you, that’s the trick. Of course if I knew the secret to keeping them talking…well I’d be rich now wouldn’t I?

  6. These are all great advice. Thanks so much! I really appreciated it! 🙂

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