I had a great day!

I had such a nice birthday that it lingered on to the rest of the week.  So that is the reason why I haven’t blog since Tuesday (So I thought; look down below this post and you’ll know why).  I really had an awesome day, thanks to my husband.  He was like my personal shopper/personal bag carrier.  It was nice because he hates to shop, especially when it comes to clothes shopping because I am so picky.

First, we went to Best Buy to day dream about the big flat screen LCD TV’s.  They are so awesome and we hope to one day own one.  I heard that the movies you saw before would be like watching them for the very first time because of the way the picture looks.  I can’t wait!  I would love to see all the Harry Potter movies on a LCD TV.

Then we headed over to Old Navy to check out the clothes and scarves.  We walked out empty-handed because there was nothing I needed or wanted.  After that, we walked over to Hallmark to get this.  It is so cute!

After being in Hallmark for what it seemed like an hour, we headed over to the food court and had lunch at Wendy’s. I was in the mood for their yummy hot baked potatoes.  After we ate, we walked around some more.  By this time, I can tell hubby wanted to go home but since it was my birthday, he didn’t complain & didn’t say a word.  My birthday is one day he goes shopping with me without any complaints.

The last store we went into was NY & Company.  I absolutely love that store.  They had major sales plus I had a coupon.  If you spend $75, you save $25 and it doubles to $50 if you spend $150 or more.  My husband was really happy about that 😉  He loves it when I am ready with coupons and I save us a ton of money.  When we walked in, I noticed everything was on SALE.  I was really excited about that.  So I looked and tried on coats, blouses and scarves.  Hubby chose most of the items he bought me.  He’s got good taste, thank God.  I was also on the look out for some jeans but unfortunately they don’t sell jeans during this time; only in the Spring.  Weird, uh?  Anyway, in the end, hubby saved a little over $200.  I got two coats, 3 tops, 2 pairs of socks, a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, a purse and two pairs of earring for a total of……………………………………………….




$96.00.  Can you believe that?? I told you we got some great deals! And I just had to blog about it for your viewing pleasure! LOL!

So, if you love NY & Co. like me, go check out their stores or click here to go to their site.


  1. Wow, you got a lot for that amount of money! Great birthday presents 🙂

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