I hate DEER!!

I really do.  They get spooked for anything and they jump right on the road without a care in the world.  Why can’t they stay in the woods where they belong?  Thank goodness hunting season is around the corner.  I should know, my husband is a bowhunter.  Oh and they taste pretty good too…LOL

Anyway, I know some of you must be saying; Awww, deer are so cute; they are harmless creatures.  Yea right!!! These cute creatures can actually kill people!

So, do you want to know why I hate deer?
Well, after I dropped my daughter off to camp yesterday morning, I almost struck a deer with my car.

Here is what happened:  I was going about 35-40 mph (thank goodness b/c I normally go a little faster) and I noticed a car going the opposite direction stopped short because the deer ran right across his car.  I could not believe it.  After it ran across his car, the deer ran across my car and we both stood on the road shocked because if we were both going any faster, who knows what would’ve happened.  After that happened, I felt so nervous.  I think I was going 20 mph after that.  Damn deer!

Then, my husband calls me this morning and guess what he tells me?

He almost crashed into a deer head-on this morning on the Taconic State Parkway.

What the heck is going on with these dumb deer??

Anyway, here is what happened:  He was driving about 65 mph and he noticed a puddle on the side of the road up ahead so he decided to slow down (it was raining).  After he slowed down, he noticed on the corner of his eye on the right side, this deer running towards the road.  The lady next to him crashed into the deer head-on and when hubby tried to slow down even more, he couldn’t.  It just happened too fast.  He ended up dragging the deer under his work van for about 500 feet.  He said there were body parts and blood all over the road behind him.  Thank goodness he didn’t hit the deer because it could’ve been alot worse if he was driving any faster.  He felt bad for the lady because her car was pretty banged up.  Hopefully she wasn’t hurt at all.  Hubby said another person got out of his car to help her so he decided to keep driving so he wouldn’t be late for work.  Hubby also said the front end of her car was DESTROYED.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I was so relieved that hubby was ok and there wasn’t any damaged to his van because we can’t afford any more bills.

So that is why I. HATE. DEER!

Do you have a deer story you would like to share?  I would love to know.


  1. Cousin Krissy says:

    Sooooo not cool cousin. I love deer; and NOT to eat. Yea they get in the way when driving. But how about children?Children get in my way all the time, like when shopping or going out to eat. You know how many times I’ve almost knocked a kid over because they jumped up out of no where or ran by me. So should we hunt children? Not a bad idea if you ask me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Love you!

  2. Oh yeah … my Mom hit a dear once. Totaled the car. I mean, really totaled because the frame was bent.

    Deer also jump fences where she lives (up the Rattlesnake Canyon in Missoula Montana) and eat the leaves and fruit off of the trees, driving the dogs nuts. If the kick a dog … well, that’s not a good thing for the poor pooch. Deer are not welcome neighbors there.

    At least they are no longer allowing the legal poaching of mountain lions so hopefully nature will balance out in a few years.


  3. I hate deer, too. I think there are a lot of NYers who hate the critters. They are an urban (and suburban) nuisance around here, and they eat EVERYTHING. NYS passed a law against hunters which essentially encouraged the deer to populate in the millions…

    …and I think they are mighty tasty, too. 😀

  4. NewYorkChica says:

    LOL!!! You always seem to make me laugh OUT LOUD that my kids always tend to ask me, “Mom, why are you laughing?”  OMG, thanks for the good laugh!

    OK, I think I know why you like deer.  First of all, they’ve never been to your yard and ate your beautiful flowers.  Second of all, they never ran in front of you while driving because you don’t drive.  Last but not least,  you like deer because of Bambi – Don’t let that little Disney cartoon character fool you.  Deer carry deadly ticks and they should be HUNTED, not the poor little innocent children that love to run around!

    Leave those kids alone!


    PS.. I love you too

  5. What a story! That poor lady. And glad neither of you guys hit a deer. Sorry, no deer stories coming out of Los Angeles! lol

  6. I like deer, but the deer by me actually know how to cross the street. They do. It’s funny. They look both ways and will wait until it’s all clear. Then if a car starts to come, they bold back into the trees. I watch them all the time. I live across from an open field and across the main road is a forest. So, I watch them all the time. I find it amusing.

    I personally have never hit one, but I’ve been in the car when others have and yes, they can TOTAL a car. Your hubby was lucky.


  7. I was driving 45/50 on a road of east in Riverhead, Long Island. (You familiar with that part?)

    I was driving my 88 Chrysler New Yorker, the luxury car of the 80s. White paint, those little flippy up headlights, the rims with the spindles on them. Was like driving a fancy land boat.

    Well it was about, midnight one summer night, and 2 deers decided it was ok to sprint in front of my car. I swerved and missed one but the huge moose sized deer I click and it crapped all over the front of my white car smeared all the way down the side to like the back bumper, my cool little flippy lights smashed and never flippy’d up the same again and there was fur all up in my hood, bumper and wheel wells.

    That car never drove the same again.

    Just so a deer could wipe its butt.



  8. pooooor dear

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