Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 | Review

The first webcam I have ever used was on my HP Pavilion laptop.  I can't say it was the greatest because I had nothing to compare it to.  The picture wasn't as clear as I thought (really grainy) and the connection was terrible.  Maybe it was because of my cable modem - who knows. All I know is that the picture never looked like what I thought a webcam should have -- a clear picture. That is until I used the Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C910. … [Read more...]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide — Under $100

I spoke to several people within the last few days asking about their holiday shopping and almost all of them admitted they haven't even started buying gifts. Guess who else is on that list? Yup, me. I haven't bought one item. Am I stressed? Not really.  I know I won't get those drastic deals but I know I'll get some good stuff. If you're on the same boat as me, check out these last minute gifts under $100. Kids Hex Bugs - They act like real bugs. Kids can play with them for hours. Prices … [Read more...]