{Review} Eight O’clock Coffee Introduces 3 New Flavors


Disclosure: Thanks to the wonderful people at Eight O’clock coffee for sending me samples of their delicious coffee blends. All opinions are always my own.

I can honestly say that coffee makes the day so much better for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t have my morning cup of  Joe so it’s no wonder when Eight O’clock Coffee contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing their new coffee blend flavors, I immediately said yes.  I would be insane if I let this opportunity pass me by.

Eight O'clock Coffee Infusion Blends

Being that I suffer from Hyperthyroidism, I have to limit my caffeine intake so I try to keep it at a minimum.  So since my health isn’t 100%, I was beyond excited to try the relaxing, decaffeinated blend.   The RELAX DECAFFEINATED blend was created to make you feel relaxed and help you unwind when the days are chaotic.  It’s carefully blended with Chamomile and Lavender along with 100% Arabica Beans.  Surprisingly, the two relaxing ingredients complement the  arabica beans very well. It’s the perfect coffee blend to enjoy a relaxing morning or even right before bedtime.  The coffee was so delicious, I found myself making two cups after dinner a few times.  I would definitely buy this blend again.

The next blend is called ALERT HI-CAFFEINE. It was amazingly good, according to my husband, who’s no stranger to the active ingredient, Guarana. He stated the coffee blend was rich and very satisfying.  All he needed was a cup to stay up and feel alert. He also said he would definitely buy this blend again especially since the cold weather is fast approaching.  He would rather stay warm  and alert with the ALERT blend  than be cold with those energy drinks that you find at the grocery stores.

The last one, which by the way we were both able to drink together, was the 100% BRAZILIAN BREAKFAST blend.  I decided to try this blend since it states that it’s smooth and soft-bodied with mild acidity. Its flavor was definitely rich and smooth. This particular blend is perfect for those people with sensitive stomachs, like myself. At times, I can sometimes get the occasional stomach cramps if I drink harsh coffee but I’m happy to report that this particular blend did not hurt my tummy at all.

The 100% Brazilian Breakfast Blend is a medium roast so it’s definitely a coffee blend that can be enjoyable any time of the day.

Overall, Eight O’clock Coffee exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would enjoy this coffee since I never gave it a chance.  I know people that love it and now I get it — It’s a great cup of coffee.

Have you tried Eight O’clock coffee before? You should try it especially since you can print out a coupon for $1.50 off!

About Eight O’clock Coffee:

Part of the Tata Global Beverages family of brands, Eight O’Clock Coffee is America’s original gourmet coffee, brewed with passion for over 150 years. Made with 100% Arabica beans, Eight O’Clock Coffee features a full line of great tasting gourmet coffees in whole bean and ground form, with fourteen varieties and blends ranging from light to dark roasts. Eight O’Clock Coffee sources its high-quality coffee beans from the world’s best origins, then expertly blends, roasts and packages them at its facility in Landover, MD. Headquartered in Montvale, NJ, Eight O’Clock Coffee products are available at most U.S. retailers where groceries are sold. For more information, visit www.eightoclock.com.


  1. I love Eight o’clock coffee but I was scared to try the decaf bc it contained chamomile. I just thought it would give the coffee a weird taste but after reading your review, I cannot wait to try it. Thank you!

  2. I’m such a coffee lover so I really enjoyed reading your post. I’ve never had Eight o’clock coffee before but I would love to try the Brazilian breakfast blend after reading it’s sensitive on the stomach.

  3. I will definitely try this. Thank you for your review.

  4. I have never tried this brand coffee before but after reading this post I will give it a try!

  5. When I wake up in the morning to get ready for work, the first thing I want do is make myself a cup of coffee. Life in New York City is fast-paced and busy which is why I need my morning fix. After Reading your review on the Alert Hi-Caffeine, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  6. My day cannot begin unless I have my morning coffee. As the mother of two it is important I start of my day right. I need to be alert and happy. It sets the mood for the rest of the house. I do need caffeine especially in the morning. I Am a long time customer of eight o’clock coffee. So was so excited to see the new blends. I have tried the Brazilian blend, and I am a fan. I am excited to try the other two blends. The two blends ALERT and Relax are both blends that work well in my day to day routine.

  7. Right? Can’t start my day without coffee either. It’s my life.
    Lewis Perry recently posted..I Can Therefore I Will

  8. Ooohhh. I want to try that relax one. I’m feigning coffee later in the day recently so maybe trying that kind of decaf will help me to wind down. Hrmmm I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the store. Thanks for this!

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