Don’t Miss Out! T.J.Maxx & Marshalls has a Ton of Boo-tiful costumes!

It’s Halloween season!

You know, there was a time when I used to buy my kids costumes at Marshalls. They were always the cutest costumes made with good quality fabric and very well priced. Now that they wear adult size costumes, I can no longer visit Marshalls or TJMaxx for their costumes BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t share their wonderful boo-tiful costumes with you all! 😉

This year, your kids can be anything their little hearts desire – an Emoji for the tech-savvy, a baker’s dozen for any sugar-monster, or even a beautiful Monarch Butterfly!

I also wanted to let you know about their annual T.J.Maxx & Marshalls reusable Halloween bags, which come in a 2-pack and retails for $1.49 – all profits go to the Save the Children U.S. Programs.


You’re saving money and donating to a great charity — Win-Win for everyone!

You’ll be glad & surprised that most costumes at T.J.Maxx/Marshalls are under $30!

Below are some of the costumes they have available.

Costumes from top to bottom:

Texting Cell Phone – $24.99
Step-in Horse & Unicorn Costume – $24.99 ea.
Single donut costume – $19.99
Pizza Slice Costume – $19.99
Pineapple Bubble Costume – $16.99
Burger & Fries Costume – $29.99
Cupcake Bubble Costume – $19.99
Emoji Costume – $16.99
Fox Bubble Costume – $19.99
Milk & Cookies Costume – $19.99
Monarch Butterfly Costume – $24.99
Baker’s Dozen Costume – $24.99

texting-cell-phone-costume-2-24-99 step-in-horse-costume-3-24-99 single-donut-costume-19-99 pizza-slice-costume pineapple-bubble-costume-16-99 burger-fries-costume-29-99 cupcake-bubble-costume-19-99 emoji-costume-2-16-99 fox-bubble-costume-2-19-99 milk-cookies-costume-19-99 monarch-butterfly-costume-24-99 bakers-dozen-costume-24-99

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