An All Night Affair with Fuller House. #StreamTeam

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are always my own.

I don’t know about you but when I was a teenager, I loved Full House. Yes I know, it’s a dorky show. Yes I know, it’s a show that seems unreal to the rest of us but it was always a great way to spend a little time in front of the TV with the Tanners, some popcorn and a nice glass of soda. I guess I can also admit that it was the only time my younger sister and I bonded during the evening.

So this is totally out of context but when I was living at home, I never had my own room and yet with this show, I always seem to pretend that I did.  LOL. Don’t ask me why!  I was a very sheltered child who couldn’t go outside to play with other kids so I stayed home and pretended……A LOT!

When I heard of the brand new show Fuller House on Netflix, I was beyond psyched to see Stephanie, Kimmy and DJ back on the small screen this month. With the launch of Fuller House on Feb. 26, there’s something that will appeal to you, your 14-year-old and your 5-year-old.  Trust me — I stayed up to the wee hours with my little one watching episode after episode of Fuller House. It was like going back in time, except this time I’m right next to my daughter.  What an awesome feeling it was!

If you loved Full House, then you must watch Fuller House.  You will get all those nice, warm fuzzy feelings you once had when you were a kid. We’re hoping Season 2 is just around the corner!

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