{Review} Stay Moisturized During the Winter Months with Lubriderm #FamiliaFirst #ad

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During the long, cold winter months, my whole family suffers from extreme dry skin to the point where if we don’t moisturize well enough, our skin itches like crazy!  I constantly try to remind my kids to moisturize before bed and after they wake up so that they can get into a regimen.  I tell them it’s just like brushing your teeth each day.  It becomes a habit and in this case — a great habit to acquire.

There’s nothing worse than walking around with dry, itchy, flaky skin.  That is why it’s so important to have a morning and night routine with Lubriderm in order to have healthy and comfortable skin.

I’ve been a Lubriderm customer for a very long time and it helps me put my #familiaFirst (family first) with their wonderful line of lotions. Lubriderm helps us all stay well moisturized all year round and is the reason why I was immensely excited about participating in this month’s Latina Blogggers Connect’s campaign.

*LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion 16 fl oz (morning routine)
*LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 15 16 fl oz. (morning routine)
*LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Shea+Calming Lavender 16 fl oz. (night time routine)
*LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Shea+Enriching Cocoa Butter 16 fl oz. (night time routine)

With Lubriderm’s Daily Moisture line, it’s no problem to have soft and supple skin.  You can easily make applying lotion one of your habitual things when you wake up in the morning during these long, winter months.  It allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t clog your pores.  Trust me, I use it on a daily basis!  If you’re going out for the day, always use an SPF.  Lubriderm has a great Daily Moisture Lotion that contains an SPF of 15 which is perfect for us since we don’t burn when we’re outside on a sunny day.

At bedtime, especially during those times when my little one can’t fall asleep right away, there’s the Shea+Calming Lavender to help her ease into a deep sleep.  Personally, we love the calming lotion’s scent the best!! It has a nice and soft scent that is not too overwhelming and perfect for a good night’s sleep. Right after my little one showers, she loves to put it on her arms, legs and back at the same time I apply mine. It’s sort of like our mommy-daughter time before she goes to bed.

My husband’s particular favorite is the Shea+Enriching Cocoa Butter. It helps him with his dry hands and the cocoa butter scent isn’t as potent as other lotions we’ve used in the past.


The Advanced Therapy line is also great. I can’t emphasize enough that Lubriderm is my favorite lotion!

Try any or all of Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotions line for your whole family and enjoy your nice, soft skin!

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Like you, I have been a loyal Lubriderm user for years! I have extremely dry, sensitive skin that is plagued by eczema at times, especially in the winter. I find it to work better than anything and as long as they keep making it, I’ll keep using it!

  2. Same here!! I love how I can use it on my face as well. All around moisturizer is what I love! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. David Fultner says:

    I have been using it for years.

  4. David Fultner says:

    I have using for ever.

  5. Betsy Barnes says:

    I really love the LUBRIDERM Daily Moisture Shea+Calming Lavender lotion. I use it every night, helps me relax too! 🙂

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