{Review} Thyme Maternity’s Soothing Therapy Stretch Mark Cream

During the Getting Gorgeous event, Thyme Maternity was there to showcase their wonderful products for mothers and new moms-to-be. I’m not pregnant or even close to becoming a new mommy since I have three kids of my own and my shop is shut down (just being real here..lol) but since my co-worker is expecting her first baby, I wanted to find out what Thyme Maternity was all about.

The people representing Thyme Maternity at Getting Gorgeous were awesome! They were full of information and answered all of my questions I had. I just wish I knew about them when I was pregnant with my first child in 96′. They even gave me a few things for my coworker. She raved about Thyme Maternity’s Soothing Therapy Protect Stretch Mark Cream.


Here’s what she had to say:

I’ve been using the Thyme Maternity Soothing Therapy Stretch Mark Cream for the last few weeks and I am loving it. As a new mommy-to-be, I’m terrified of getting stretch marks so I’m trying any and everything there is but this has been my favorite so far.

It has this wonderful fruity scent that seems to give me an extra boost of energy, which is a welcome plus going into my 26th week. The texture of the cream is light and it dries quickly but it is still moisturizing, so it doesn’t feel like I’m using Crisco on my belly. Which is good because the weather is starting to get warm and I don’t need to feel like I’m sticky and coated with grease.

Also, it seems to be the only cream I’ve used that’s helped keep the itchiness to a minimum. I would even use this cream on my whole body, including my arms and legs too. It does suggest to use the cream for the belly, hips and upper thighs to help protect and reduce the look of stretch marks so I plan on using this cream all over.

What a great product!

Disclosure: A sample was received to facilitate this review.


  1. I have been using the Thyme stuff for stretch marks and at 33 weeks I haven’t got any…having said that…who knows if its the cream, good luck or what.

  2. Elma H. Mercer says:

    I use Thyme Maternity Stretchmark cream (3 for $40) for my last and current pregnancy once a day, I have not gotten any stretchmarks. They are water based, not greasy at all, quickly absorbed into the skin so I can get on with my day. I will put on Palmer’s coco butter occasionally if I know I’ll be naked for a while. I plan to add Bio Oil soon. I am 28.5 weeks, 26 lbs gained.

  3. Nicholas Lopez says:

    I’ve never used any cream or lotion of any kind and I’ve never gotten stretch marks. I’m hoping that I am lucky again this pregnancy. Stretch marks are mostly genetic and my mom didn’t get any when she was pregnant and neither of my sisters did either.

  4. Eliseo French says:

    I’ve never heard of thyme cream but mederma cream did work temperarilly.Just keep alot of moisture in your skin thats the best thing to do so read carefully on your soap ,you don’t want hydrate cause that dries you out use something with alot of moisture like tone,or aveno body wash.

  5. Ahmed J. Atkins says:

    My kids weighed (all boys) 1st)10,4 ounces 2nd) 9’12 3) 9’4 ounces 4) 8′ 6 I used pre breast milk on my stomach (my breast milk) and also palmers coca butter cream during the early months and dont scratch Warm baths help stretch skin as well. I am small though im like 5’2 1/2 and about 154 pds Everyone is diffrent though Hope this helps P.S NO Diabetes just big babies I just got my Belly ring back in a month ago my youngest is 7months old the oldest is 5 years old.

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