A Gift Guide For The Coffee Loving Mom

Mother’s Day is a couple of days away and I don’t want to leave you without a gift guide you can use so I present to you the Gift Guide For The Coffee Loving Mom.

As you know, I love my coffee.  Coffee isn’t just a beverage for me, it’s a space in time.  It’s my time.

Those few minutes I spend indulging in a great cup of coffee mean a lot to me.  It relaxes, refocuses and gets me ready for the day ahead.  I’m sure many of you moms agree with me.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here are a few gifts that any coffee lover will enjoy!  Feel free to pin this. 🙂

  1. Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System – $99.99 – Perfect for small homes, vacation homes and home offices. This personal brewer will suit your busy lifestyle – anywhere that you call home.  It also comes in more colors.
  2. Godta Mug – IKEA – $2.99  Cute and dainty.  Simple and chic.  I can see myself reading the paper and holding this pretty mug.
  3. Hazelnut Scented Yankee Candle – $15.99  A full-bodied blend of java suffused with macadamia nut, vanilla, and cocoa bean because these heavenly scents should fill the home all the time.
  4. Willams Bound Cinnamon and Chocolate Acrylic Mill Set – $23.99 – This is perfect for those coffee lovers who love to sprinkle their coffee with just a little extra spice.
  5. Time Mug – $17.99 – A leak proof mug that tells times among other awesome things.  Now you have no excuse to be late to your next appointment.
  6. Panela – $15.65 – Brown sugar cane, the key ingredient in a cafe de olla recipe!
  7. Aerolatter Frother – $19.95 A magic wand transforms coffee drinks into frothy delights. Hand-held frother works right in a mug of milk, creating perfect froth in about 20 seconds.  This takes your morning coffee to the next level.

I wish you a very special Mother’s Day.  *Lifts up coffee mug*  Here’s to you!

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