I’m a Coffee Snob — There, I Said It!

A cup of warm heaven

I cannot deny I’m a coffee snob. And it’s all thanks to my beloved Keurig Brewer. It’s always ready to go with just one button, always consistent and never has any issues, thank goodness! It gives me delicious coffee each and every time. I can brew it strong or weak – however I want it and it doesn’t JUST make coffee – it makes so much more!

After owning a Keurig for over 3 years, I can’t drink coffee from just anywhere. There’s a few places where I get coffee from just because I know it will be a delicious and fresh cup.

First is Panera Bread. I love that their coffee tastes nutty and a bit fruity at the same time. It’s always equally fresh and tasty. They have a great choice of regular, flavored or decaf coffee. Also, they have a small board in front of their coffee pots with the time it was made so you always know you’re getting a fresh cup of coffee. Now tell me, wouldn’t you want to know what time the coffee you’re about to enjoy was made, everywhere you went? I know I would.

Dunkin Donuts is another place, but there’s a difference — I can only drink (and really enjoy) their iced coffee and iced latte’s. I’m not too fond of their hot coffee for some strange reason. It definitely has a unique taste but it’s not one I enjoy. See? I told you I was a coffee snob. =)

The gas station by my house is my favorite place ( besides my Keurig of course) because it has Green Mountain Coffee which I absolutely love! The coffee is always fresh and never has a burnt flavor to it, like some gas stations. It has a large number of flavor options from the usual (Breakfast Blend, Columbian, Decaf and Dark Roast) to the flavored (Hazelnut, French Vanilla, etc) to the seasonal ( Pumpkin spice, Golden French Toast, and Blueberry). It’s my go-to place if I’m rushing in the morning and I forget to make my coffee before leaving, because I know I can count on the gas station for some great coffee (and a quick breakfast snack).

So I told you what kind of snob I am — now it’s your turn. 😉


  1. I don’t like coffee unless it’s iced. But it has so many calories I try to stay away. I love Green Mountain coffee though! On a cold day I love the Hazlenut or Pumpkin Spice! I can drink flavored coffee but don’t give me that crap they call coffee at work! Yuck!
    Jai recently posted..Mami Monday | What I Want for Mother’s Day

    • LOL.. I say the same thing about work coffee – it’s disgusting! I can’t believe they call it columbian coffee too! I just started loving iced coffee. It’s so refreshing and so good.

  2. I have a Keurig, but I seem to use twice as much coffee in the reusable k-cup. But if you want to try some GREAT coffee, check out Lock N Load Java online. They are a veteran owned and supporting company. They have sample packets to give a chance to try all the flavors. http://www.locknloadjava.com/

    • Oh free samples? That’s awesome! I love free samples! I will definitely look into the company. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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