Photo Challenge: My First Week in Pics. #photoadayjune

Since I’ve been working full time, my social media life has diminished. I don’t always have the time, energy or desire to “socialize” online when I “socialize” with strangers all day long.

So last week while I was on Instagram, I saw a photo from @Fatmumslim and her “photo challenge list” and decided to join in on the daily challenge photo fun.

Here’s the full list for June.


After making the the collage, I noticed I missed the very first photo – morning.  I will definitely post that tomorrow as well as #9, which is “your view today.”

frametastic #photoadayjunesangria and coffee

Will you join us?

It’s easy! Make sure you are on Twitter, follow @Fatmumslim and then post your photo of the day. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #photoadayjune at the end of your tweet.


  1. Ok the on your plate has me speechless and hungry. LOL Love your daughter in the hat photo

  2. Nice pictures! I’m going to join and try to do it everyday, lol.

  3. I just recently started to get into instagram. Makes you look at the world in a whole new way. Love your pics!

  4. You took some great pics. Instagram is so addicting!

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