MVP #GenerationGo: Meal Planning (& A $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway)

Several weeks ago, I was asked to join the MVP Generation Go Ambassador Program to share a multitude of subjects ranging from community exploration, favorite recipes to time management and back-to-school tips.  Along with sharing these topics, Kids Fun Plaza are generous enough to give away a $50 Visa Gift Card each week to one of my readers, which has been a very popular giveaway here.

Who can say no to free money? I know I can’t! {You can enter below}

What is MVP Generation Go?

The MVP Generation Go Program was established by MVP Health Care to help parents and children live a healthy lifestyle by getting families to get up, go outdoors and stay active.  It’s a way to live well.  They believe all children have the power to make healthy choices and that is the main reason they started the MVP Generation Go Program.

Since I joined the program a bit late, I missed a few weekly topics.  This week I’ll be talking about Meal Planning.

PlannerMy take on Meal Planning

Allow me to start off by saying I don’t do any meal planning, per se. I don’t write down any meals for the week on a calendar like some people do.  My kind of meal planning is looking through the weekly supermarket circular and buying what’s on sale for that week.  It makes it easier to figure out what meals I will make for my family while saving money.  It also leaves time for me to do other things, such as watching our favorite TV shows together.

It doesn’t always work out that way. There are times where I am going crazy figuring out dinner because I didn’t pre-plan dinner ideas earlier so I am confronted by my kids with the unpleasant question, “What’s for dinner, Mom?”

You have no idea how I despise when my kids say that. By the time 5pm comes around, I know for a fact one of them will come to me with that question.

When worse comes to worse, we call for delivery.  It’s usually pizza or Chinese food.  Where we live,  those are the choices we have when it comes to delivery.

As you can tell, my meal planning isn’t very efficient. So I would love for you to share your secrets, tips and/or tricks for planning your meals.




MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me in a comment your best secret, tip or tricks to get your meals on the table.


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Disclosure: I am an MVP Generation Go ambassador. MVP Has provided me with compensation for this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinions expressed here are always my own.


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  4. I tell the big guys (hubby and first-year college student) what time dinner’s going to be on the table, and then they are expected to be there if they want to eat. It works a LOT better than trying to coordinate dinner around their schedules because they know once dinner is done, Mom’s Kitchen is closed and they have to do their own work if they want to eat (shudders).

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  12. Hi,

    My main thing to put food on the table when I’m in a hurry is to know all of the quick recipes from different countries, so that it’s always varied, but always quick to make! So I go from quick Mexican with burritos and quesadillas, to chinese food with fried rice and low mein, American with sandwiches and paninis, etc.

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  13. Figure out ahead of time how long everything will take to make. Also, make as much ahead of time as you can.

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  15. Susan Smith says:

    We write down a weekly meal plan so we know what to get at the grocery store and so I’m not trying to decide at the last minute what to make.

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    I make weekly list of meals we are having that week so I know what to get at the grocery store.

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  21. Terrence Rolls says:

    Crock potting is the easiest way for me to get food on the table.

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  25. On busy nights I sometimes use ingredients that have been prepped for me such as cored sliced fresh pineapple instead of a whole pineapple.

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  27. I try to be creative and use left overs when I am pressed for time. . steamed rice left over becomes yang chow fried rice with veggies, some chicken and egg. I also use a lot of different spices and herbs to make the dishes more exciting! Thanks
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  28. Leslie Price says:

    I like to prep as much as possible in advance. When I get home from the supermarket I’ll shred cheese and chop veggies and put everything in Ziploc bags so I can throw dinner together faster.

  29. kathy pease says:

    my best tip is having my teens help with dinner it makes it much easier and faster than doing it alone

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  32. keep it simple! have things ready ahead of time
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  33. I try to make things ahead of time and set the table while things are cooking to save time.

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  34. buying roasted chicken from grocery store or supercenter. you can make everything from soup to enchiladas with them. same price as raw chicken. pick meat off and use as you would in any recipie

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    sticky notes help me keep track of keeping all my meals!

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  43. crystal allen says:

    my secret for getting meals to the table is to plan ahead. when i grocery shop, i buy food in sets of meals, then when i freeze the meat or put them in the fridge, i put the meal together in the same spot if possible. i try to have fresh salads and veggies on hand too. clallen at ntin dot net

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