Shout-Out Sunday – June 26, 2011

Happy Sunday!

It’s that time once again. It’s time for that Shout-Out Sunday post. You know the drill — It’s where I showcase posts written by bloggers from around the blogosphere.

I don’t have a specific theme this week but I can assure you, all the posts are great reads. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks.

1. What do you do when your kids answer you back in English when you’ve worked so hard teaching them Spanish?

2. Check out the 25 bloggers who shared their best girlfriend tips!

3. Jennifer Garner and Frigidaire got together to celebrate farm life and loads of veggies.

4. Did you hear the latest news in New York City?

5. I’m not alone in NOT enjoying the outdoors.

If you have a post that is worthwhile, please send them my way. I would love to feature them on the next Shout-Out Sunday! Enjoy!


  1. Great posts! Heading over to check them out!

  2. PS: Loved Mitch’s post!

  3. Great post!

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