Wordless Wednesday – My Daughter is TERRIFIED of This.

I was on my way to my favorite coffee shop (no, it’s not Starbucks) and I glanced at a comic book store window and saw Mr. ET himself in a robe! He looked so cute but according to my five year old, he’s spooky. Do you think he’s spooky?


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I am still afraid of E.T.!! That thing is freaky!

  2. I am still afraid of E.T.!! I never saw what everyone else did in that character. SCARY!!!

  3. Aww I think it might be his eyes that come off kind of spooky but he is cute!!

  4. I love ET but I totally understand your daughter. He’s from our time, from an era that your daughter just can’t relate too. Technology has changed that, changed how movies are made and the impact it has. What we saw as cute, no longer is! Its like us with our parents black and white TV shows. Its OLD! LOL
    Migdalia – @MsLatina recently posted..Screams and Violence Above Me

  5. Ay bendito! M iscared of it too!
    Rachel recently posted..An Education Gives You Wings

  6. The guy is adorably dressed in a smashing robe. What’s scary about that? I love Mr. E.T. Always have, always will.
    La Latina Loquita recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  7. Too, cute I had to share on my twitter page

  8. I don’t think he’s spooky well because I remember the movie but I can see how a child now might think it is.

    Get her to watch the movie 🙂
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    • I think he’s cute too. I tried telling her that he was only a person wearing a costume but still she has bad dreams about him. And she has seen the movie numerous times.

  9. Dude, I’m afraid of this too!!!!

    ET is kinda scary, unless you saw the movie and fell in love with him. Otherwise hes like a bald big-headed wrinkly old freaky man.

    I’m with your daughter on this one. LOL

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