Last Night, I Went to Jail….during a party.

Made you look!

Just kidding. I’m talking about Twitter Jail. 😉

If you unfamiliar with Twitter jail, let me explain.  It happens when you go over your allotted tweets for the hour or the day. For instance, the amount of tweets you’re allowed are 100 tweets per hour/1,000 tweets per day.  If you go over those tweets, you can no longer tweet until an hour or so later.  During a Twitter party, that can really suck which is why I decided to create another Twitter handle.

Last night was a HUGE Twitter Party with prizes worth well over $2,000. It was supposed to be from 8-10pm but the party went into overtime because that’s how Latinos like to party ;). The fabulous hosts were @Mami2Mommy @JoscelynRC @Hispanicize @MsLatina @PapiBlogger & @LouisPagan. You can also check out the prizes here.

Everyone who participated was in the holiday spirit answering questions and having a good time.  After an hour and a half of tweeting and trying to win anything, that’s when it happened.  I could not tweet anymore.  That is also when I noticed @MsLatina was not tweeting anymore either.

It’s funny because right before it happened, I answered someone’s question about Twitter jail and I really think I jinxed myself but that was ok because just a few minutes later, I was back in business with a new Twitter handle — @Newyorkchica_NY. It’s very similar to my original Twitter name but I could not think of another name so I was glad the name was available.

After that fiasco, I kinda lost my mojo.  I was tired, sleepy and my back was killing me!  In the end, the party was over around midnight and I was very happy for everyone who won prizes.

Next week they’ll have another Twitter party so get ready to join.  And you don’t have to be a Latino to play ;).  Just be sure to follow all the hosts that were mentioned above and remember to add the hashtag #Hispz at the end of your tweets.

Tweet ya later!!

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