A Savings Club That Will Help You Move, Get You Great Deals & Score Free Stuff.

There are tons of savings clubs across the United States but there are very few that can provide you with information on where to get the best deals, coupons, and grab some free stuff.

That’s why I like Billy.com. It’s a savings club that helps you save money in almost everything that you need.  From coupons and freebies to great deals of the week to moving to another state, if you’d like.

And it’s 100% free to sign up! No fees, no membership costs. NOTHING!

One of their best features is that they can connect you with one of their movers and they can help you save up to 55% on your total moving costs by using Billy.com.  They can move your whole apartment or house and provide you with tons of information you need to make your move a breeze.

Let’s face it, moving to a new place sucks! I should know. I’ve moved plenty of times and it takes me forever to pack up and when my stuff gets moved to the new place, there is always an item that breaks or gets damaged especially when you’re using any of the long distance moving companies, things can get out of control and the worse can happen.

Let’s just say you’re planning on moving to New York, Billy’s New York State movers can get you a great deal on moving your most precious items from your old place anywhere in the U.S. to New York without any damage at all.

Do you want to move to the Big Apple? Billy.com can get you connected to the best New York City movers that don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  New York City is one expensive city but moving doesn’t have to cost you tons of cash either.

Their motto alone entices me on so many levels — “Never pay full price again” is something that will make me coming back to see what deals they’ve got for the week.  Wouldn’t that make you visit them also?

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