Wordless Wednesday – My Baby Boy {linky}

How did that happen? 14 years flew right by me.  My baby boy is no longer a baby but I still see that baby face when I look at him at 14 years old.  My goodness, I miss my son as a baby. He was such a good baby too.  I can’t believe he’s taller than his father.  Now he’s the tallest one in the family.

Happy birthday son. Mama loves you!

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  1. Wow, what a handsome fella!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday 🙂 Happy WW!

  2. Time certainly flies – mine is going to be 18!

  3. They grow up way to fast mine just turned 13!

    Thanks for linking up at Shibley Smiles! I’m following you now as well.


  4. Look at those cheeks! He’s adorable and is growing up to be one good looking young man!

  5. Funny that this is the topic of the day… Just yesterday on Weds… I took my sons 13 and 8 to fordham rd to school shop and let them pick out their own clothes… As I watched them pick out their stuff… I wondered the same thing… How fast they’ve grown & the choices they make in clothing and footwear in regards to price & how much their styles differ… I almost cried as they picked out stuff as I reminisced back to the day of their birth. How small, precious, innocent little bodies… Now they have flourished soon to be men…. Im glad I wasnt the only one feeling this way. You have done a great job with your son.. with much success as a parent…

  6. @Amylee we probably passed each other and didn’t know it on Fordham Road!

    @Lisa Hope he had a wonderful Birthday! And I hope you did something special for yourself on his birthday too!

    • Thanks tracey. Fordham rd is big but I won’t be surprised if you did see Amy.

      • @ Tracy we prob did…
        Lisa.. fordham is not THAT big.. but the world is small and I probably walked right by her… & I wouldnt be surprised that she would see me either… =)

  7. I almost always just see photos of your little girls, so I can’t believe he’s 14 either! So handsome! Hope he had a great birthday 🙂

  8. Omg, he was such an adorable baby….. and a handsome “young man.” The time sure does fly, doesn’t it?!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your him!!! 🙂

  9. Awwww…. he has your eyes 🙂

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