Prayers For Anissa Should Be The Trend On Twitter

You must be wondering why I’m writing about Anissa. Well, she is someone that I’ve never met, never knew about til’ just a few days ago and I never knew about her blog.  It’s sad that I had to find out the way I did.

I felt I had to write about her because Anissa (from what I’ve been reading from tweets & blog posts from all over the blogosphere) is a mom of 3 (like me), a blogger (like me) and an around great person (like me, I hope..).  From the photos I’ve seen, she is such a nice person and all I see are positive words when people write about her. She has a lot of support and love from her friends and family but she needs more.

I hope one day to meet her in person.

Anissa has had a hard life.  One of her daughters fought cancer and I can only imagine it was a long and hard battle.  Cancer is such a bad disease and as you already know, many people have died from it but not her daughter (thank God) – she pulled through.

This past Tuesday, she suffered a massive stroke and had another one during one of her MRI’s and she is is unconscious. Doctors are saing she has little chance of getting through this but with the power of prayers, I’m hoping, along with lots of others, that she too, pulls through, just like her daughter.

AnissaI’m not writing about her to get anything out of it; it’s just that it’s sad that she is so young (only 35), a mom of 3 and a pretty good writer.  She also has a smile that will brighten up anybody’s day.  Just look at her.

If you’re on twitter, just tweet a prayer with the hashtag #PrayersForAnissa and let’s make it trend!  If you’re not on twitter, pray for her;  her family needs it.  You can also support and send your donations HERE Link will take you directly to the Paypal page.

Get better girl!!


  1. Very sad story. For her daughter to get well and now this. I hope they doctors are wrong and that she will recover even if is not %100 but she will still be with her family and friends. Prayers to her and her family.

  2. That is so sad, I’ll be praying for her.

  3. sometimes you think your life is hard, until you see others problems. Prayers for her, her family and my best hopes.

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