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My mom and I recently went to see Broke-ology. Never heard of it?  It’s basically a fantastic play about a family that goes through life in the ghetto streets of Kansas City and they try to figure out what to do with their future.  Drama happens here and there but they stick together as a family, no matter what.

The play is directed by the same person that directed “In the Heights” (another great play), Thomas Kail.

After hearing so many great things about the play, I was really excited to see it.  My mom knew nothing about the show since she’s not really into plays  and such so I assured her that she would definitely like it.

Here is a synopsis from the web site:

BROKE-OLOGY is about the King family who have weathered the hardships of life and survived with their love for each other intact. The father lives in the house the boys grew up in. He’s alone, but he maintains his allegiance with their mother in his own way. When the brothers are called home to take care of him, they find themselves strangely at odds.

Broke-ology is being held (until Nov. 22nd) in the Newhouse Theater, one of 3 theaters at Lincoln Center.  The Newhouse Theater is small but very comfortable.   The way the seats are arranged, there is no “bad” seat. You can see the whole stage from all angles, which is great.

As we sat down on our seats, we heard “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang playing on the radio they have in the living room on stage.  I was full of excitement because this is music I grew up listening to.  My parents would play everything from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s so every now and then I listen to the music from that era to reminisce.  It reminds me of all the good times we had.

In the first scene, William and Sonia King (Wendell Pierce,Crystal A. Dickinson), the parents-to-be, are listening to music (Just my imagination, by The Temptations was playing in the background) and daydreaming about how life would be so much better if they moved away from the ghetto to raise their future son and live the best life ever.  They were so adorable together.  They sat on the couch, cuddling and talking – the chemistry they had was beautiful.

The next scene caught me by surprise. William wakes up by himself, his two sons are grown (Alano Miller, Francois Battiste); one is home after getting his Master’s degree and the other son is waiting for the birth of his first child.  I won’t spoil it by telling you what happened next or how it ended because you MUST see it for yourself.

All and all, this play had me rolling with laughter, crying like a baby (ok, not so loudly but I had to wipe away many tears) and missing my dad terribly.  I can’t believe how a cast of only four people could bring on such an intense play.  It was great! I can’t say it enough.

I was also happy to know that I was not the only “cry-baby”  in the audience.  I saw and heard people sniffling too. And then I looked over to my right and my mom was crying too. It really hit home for the both of us.

We loved Broke-ology. This is one of the BEST plays EVER!! I would DEFINITELY see this play again in a second.

Please, give them support and see this play. You won’t regret it.

Buy your tickets before November 22nd to make sure you see a masterpiece in action!

Here are the show times in the next few weeks:

Tue.Nov.17 8:00PM
Wed.Nov.18 2:00PM
Wed.Nov.18 8:00PM
Thu.Nov.19 2:00PM
Fri.Nov.20 8:00PM
Sat.Nov.21 2:00PM
Sat.Nov.21 8:00PM
Sun.Nov.22 3:00PM

Thanks to Ketchum (Jen) for providing me with tickets to see this awesome play that will forever live in my memories 😉

Full Disclosure: Ketchum provided the tickets for the review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the review. My opinions were based on how great the show was and were not influenced by anyone .

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