Tips for Savvy Toy Shopping

I don’t have to tell you that we are facing some tough economical times in the months and years ahead. With a worldwide economic recession an arms width away, shopping for holiday gifts is a frightening prospect for many parents. Retailers are scared too and as a result are offering up great deals on many of today’s popular toys and games. When it comes to bargain hunting, it pays to shop around. Parents – do your research just as you would for a bigger-ticket item like a washer/dryer or HD TV. Many retailers are slashing prices which means there are a lot of deals to be had. Here are some tips on savvy toy shopping. Just because times are tough, doesn’t mean you can’t get your kids what they really want this season.

Set Yourself A Budget:

With all of the big toy retailers mailing out those big toy circulars, it’s easy to make yourself a bit crazy. Setting a budget is absolutely mandatory, as it’s easy to go overboard when shopping for toys. Embarking on your holiday shopping spree with a “kid in a candy store” mentality could be financially devastating! While your holiday budget is going to depend on your individual income and how many people you are purchasing gifts for this year, it’s a smart idea to put a little bit aside with each pay check. It’s best not to be general and vague when setting yourself a budget – come up with a specific number that you want to spend on each child and you will be good. Just make it realistic!

Shop Smart:

Don’t think that you have to go out of your way to shop at big discount retailers to get a good deal. Toy retailers everywhere are offering big deals on some of this year’s most popular toys. Additionally, many toys have a low retail price without it even being on sale! Bakugan Battle Brawlers, for instance, is one of the season’s hottest toys and they retail for only $5! Based on the Cartoon Network show, these toys are selling out quickly, in part due to their low price. It’s a good idea to stop by your local mall’s main office to see if they have any coupons or special promotions going on. Also, it pays to scour those big circulars for coupons because lets face it, every little bit helps! Check out the internet for coupons as well, just make sure that they are legitimate.

Buy High Quality Toys:

By purchasing high quality toys, you not only get more for your money, but you also tend to stimulate your children’s creativity and learning. A play house from Step2 or play kitchen from Little Tikes, for instance is a good bet. While these might be a little bit pricier ($100 – $400) your children will get a lot of use out of it and it offers great educational value. Little Tikes makes play sets in all price ranges which encourage your children to be active and put their mind to good use. Quality educational toys might not offer all the flashing lights and beeping sounds of some of today’s more popular electronic toys, but the substantive value your kids will get out of these toys is immeasurable! Speaking of high quality, make sure that the toys you buy are made from quality materials. Natural hardwoods and PVC-plastics are sturdy and safe.

Make a Wish List:

Chances are, your kids already have an idea of what they want for the holidays this year. Have your kids take some time and write down a top 10 list for toys they want. Using this information, you could map out a budget by doing some simple online research and see who offers the best deal for each toy. If your kids all want the most expensive gadgets on the market, see if there are similar toys out there that are a little less expensive. You don’t want to be the bad guy if you can’t get number one on your kids’ wish list, but you don’t want to break the bank on one gift either. Just use the wish list as a guide and realize that compromise can be a wonderful thing!


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    I really like this post, especially the one with the heading about buying high quality toys. So many parents don’t realize how important it is to buy toys that are of lasting value. They get so caught up in the ‘latest, greatest’ mentality.

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