Black Friday is almost here! Are you ready?

Well, the time is near.  Thanksgiving is almost here and that means Black Friday shopping for many of us.  I don’t usually go shopping on Black Friday but I have many times.  Let me tell you, if you haven’t gone shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving, then you are definitely missing out on some crazy shopping!  Everyone is in a great mood BUT it can get intense because everyone wants the best deal they can get.  

First of all, you need comfortable shoes and clothes because you are going to be on your feet for awhile or may even run to get those deals.  Second, you need a plan and a list.  Third, you need to remember you may not get everything on your list so make sure you have a back-up plan and last, bring along someone or bring a group of people and shop together.  It’s always fun and exciting when you shop with someone else.

Here are some deals that were emailed to me this week:

I will post more Black Friday deals as I get them so stay tuned!

By the way, if you love Bath and Body Works like me, you can receive 20% off exclusively online if you enter this code: 20FRIENDS.  But hurry, you have until November 16th.

Happy Shopping!


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