Works for me Wednesday – Beauty Tips

This is the information I received in an email from E.L.F. cosmetics.  I decided to post it on Works For Me Wednesday because it makes perfect sense.

Did you know that old makeup can have contaminants?  That means you can keep lipsticks for no more than a year, eye make-up for up to 3 months, blush for 6 months and nail polish for 2 years.

I had makeup that was well over their due date so I threw out a lot.  Although I threw out a bunch of stuff before taking this picture, you can still see I had a lot of old makeup.  Not good at all.   I still have to go thru my nail polish box.  I know I have nail polish in there from the 90’s.  Yikes!

Anyway, take a look:

Now I have more room for new makeup, especially the mineral makeup I’ve been wanting to buy.  Also, there are no more worries if my skin will break out or get pink eye because of the makeup having germs in it.  This definitely worked for me!

BONUS TIP: If you have flyaway hair, try swiping a dryer sheet over your hair to minimize static.  If you don’t have a dryer sheet handy, then try using a little bit of your favorite hand cream.  My favorite one to use is Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works.  This definitely works for me and my hair smells wonderful!

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