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Tara is HILARIOUS!!! If you don't have Showtime, then you should call your cable or satellite provider and order it because you are missing some serious laughs.  If you enjoy crazy comedy like me, then you'll love this show.  You'll laugh, be in "awe" and you'll be left wanting more after the show ends - that's how good the show is. It's about a mother and artist named Tara (Toni Collette), she's been married to her husband Max (John Corbett) for 19 years and they have two children, Kate … [Read more...]

A great sale and something for FREE!

Everyone loves free stuff, right?  I know I do.  I also love Oprah Winfrey.  I DVR her show every day and my favorite shows are about decluttering and how to stay looking young.  Yesterday's show was awesome.  Organization expert Peter Walsh and his clutter crew was in New York to look for some messy houses.  He found some apartments in Harlem that desperately needed some organizing. I wish he would come to my house because my closets are full of things I never use. Anyway, the great sale is … [Read more...]