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As a huge fan of Disney films and owner of pretty much all the “classics”, I honestly believe Disney’s new movie FROZEN is yet another triumphant film, fit to call a classic.  I was truly overwhelmed with emotions while watching this film.  I was so connected to each character in a special way and when the story came to an end, tears just came down my face because it was just so beautiful.  The narrative is inspired by a fairy tale (Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”), a story of two sisters separated by fear who try to repair their relationship.  There’s a talking snowman, a singing reindeer, trolls and a little ice here and there but with all these frozen components be sure to feel all warm and fuzzy inside as this story truly melts your heart.

Kristen Bell

NYC Press Junket

Last month a group of bloggers and I were invited to a special press junket of Disney FROZEN at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to join in on a roundtable discussion with the actors of the film.

  • Kristen Bell (the voice of “Anna”),
  • Idina Menzel (the voice of “Elsa”),
  • Jonathan Groff (the voice of “Kristoff”)
  • Chris Buck (the Director),
  • Jennifer Lee (Director and Screenplay writer),
  • Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez  (the Songwriters) were there to share their personal views and experience working on this film.

Idina Menzel

The first thing I thought of each actor is how incredibly similar they were to the characters they played in the movie.  The animators did a fantastic job in highlighting each person’s characteristics and mannerisms into each character.  It really brings the characters to life and in essence a harmonious marriage of the characters in the story.  For example, the animators matched Idina’s (Queen Elsa) mannerisms down to the way she takes breaths in between singing.  Incredible right?

Genius Animation!

Speaking of animation, the animators took a two week trip to Norway to experience the life out there in order to translate the culture, landscapes, architecture and fashion into the film.  The spectacular scenes of the Scandinavian views were breathtaking.  Who knew that snow and ice could be so beautiful and enchanting?  I guess Disney did!

Jonathan Groff

A Classic!

Jonathan Groff felt really proud to be a part of this movie in particular. He feels it’s just one of the “classics” and I agree 100%.  The songs will forever play in my mind and I will be singing them in the shower for years to come!

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck

Let it snow!

Jennifer Lee, screenplay writer of FROZEN mentioned that when it comes to representing the Norwegian culture and nuances into the film “It feels organic”.  I truly believe they captured the beauty that is Norway in this movie.  And when it came to working with the animators, Jennifer expressed “..we always had the same vision and ..it was very intuitive.”  You can tell they worked really well with one another and how on point they were in making each character own their gestures, personalities all the way from snorts to posture.

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Let It Go!

Let me emphasize on the music in this film.  From the moment it begins, the melodies and symphonies take you away with them.   You feel like you’re right there.  The powerful song lyrics take you by storm.  Be prepared to sing “Let It Go”  for years to come along with all the other catchy songs this unforgettable film presents.

Hula with Olof

Be sure to laugh your mittens off!

This little guy here (he’s much smaller in the film ;)) is Olaf, Anna’s best friend.  He is so loveable and will have you laughing – a lot.  I think he’s one my favorite Disney characters yet!  By the way, he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s made of ice.  Shh.. don’t tell him. 😉

Disney reception

My daughter and I attended a special reception where we had the Wollman Rink all to ourselves (and the talent)!  Skating on the ice with my little one really brought the movie full circle.  We are officially Disney FROZEN fans for life.

You, too, can be a fan by simply doing the following:

We really immersed ourselves into this movie because it was just so easy to fall in love with it.  I hope you enjoy this movie as much we did. 

Have a wonderful holiday!



Disclosure:  No monetary compensation was provided for this post.  All opinions are my own.


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