The Affordable Art Fair Kickoff Event at The W Recap @AAFNYC

For me art is a form of translating and expressing feelings, thoughts, memories and passions that are aren't so easy to translate into words. As a little girl I always wanted to hang my creations up on the refrigerator or in my bedroom.  You can say that I was somewhat of an aspiring artist.  I even took up drawing portraits in black and gray pencils.  My famous piece was one of Marilyn Monroe.  That love I have for art as a little girl has lived inside of me ever since. Fast … [Read more...]

Dave & Busters + New Victory Theater = Loads of Fun!

Last weekend my little one and I were invited by Mama Drama NY for a fun-filled afternoon at Dave & Busters followed by a 7 pm show at New Victory Theater to see URBAN. During our time at Dave & Busters, we were treated to a class on how to juggle where we juggled pieces of colorful fabric. You may think, Oh, fabric must be easy to juggle than the usual balls -- but I assure you, those fabrics have a mind of their own. :) It was fun for all of us and afterwards we were all … [Read more...]

Empanada Mama – A Hidden Gem on 9th Ave in New York City

Why is it that if you fry any foods in grease, it will taste absolutely amazing? Sometimes I wish vegetables tasted the same way. Oh well. A few weeks ago I was in the city with my sister and I mentioned to her that I was craving empanadas (think of a Jamaican beef patty). She said she knew the perfect place. We walked from Times Square to the west side on 9th and 51st Street. The weather was beautiful so we just walked and talked. We even saw Ethan Hawkes chatting with some fans. Once … [Read more...]

Chris O’Donnell Has a Small Message for YOU!

As you may know, I participated in spreading the word about the New Lunchables -- Now With Fruit last month in Times Square.  I was able to interview Chris O'Donnell and spend time with the Lunchables team in helping Feeding America reach their goal of donating up to one million pounds of fruit to the hungry. It was a beautiful day despite the drizzle here and there.  The crowd was awesome and we all had a chance to try out samples of the Lunchables. But Lunchables still NEEDS your help in … [Read more...]

Chris O’Donnell Joins the Lunchables Team at Times Square

Earlier this week I had an amazing opportunity that doesn’t happen too often for me.  I was recently contacted by Lunchables to join them at Times Square along with other bloggers to help them reach their goal of donating up to one million pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America AND get a chance of a lifetime to interview Chris O’Donnell (father of 5!) from the TV show NCIS: Los Angeles and movies like Batman and Robin, Scent of a woman and more. Now who’s crazy enough to say no to that? … [Read more...]

Times Square Signs To Go Dark Today For ‘Earth Hour’

Earth Hour is a project of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  It asks individuals, businesses and communities worldwide to show their commitment to the environment by turning off lights between 8:30 and 9:30 pm on March 26. Thousands of Participating signs will include: ABC SUPER SIGN(EAST SIDE OF 7TH AVE. BETWEEN 45/44 STREETS) AMERICAN EAGLE (NW CORNER OF BWAY & 46TH STREET) CLEAR CHANNEL SPECTACOLOR (SW CORNER OF BWAY /47TH ST) COCA-COLA - … [Read more...]

Special K Resolution Challenge: I Stepped on a Scale in Times Square!

Yes, I did. For once this wasn't your typical scale with numbers that tell you your weight -- instead it was a scale that showed each individual inspirational words or phrases.  Now if it were a "real" scale with numbers, then that would be a whole other story but it wasn't so bad stepping on a scale in front of people in Times Square.  It was quite liberating to be honest. The Special K Team was there to launch their "What will you gain when you lose" campaign to help women get inspired … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Pooh & Tigger On Broadway {Linky}

This past Saturday, I went to the city for a show (post coming up) and when I got off the train, there was a festival with vendors selling clothes, jewelry, music, all types of food from different cultures, Pooh & Tigger dancing to reggae music & lots of people walking around enjoying the scene. My daughter and I walked around a bit and bought some empanadas (savory meat pastry) from a Puerto Rican vendor and it was delicious! We also bought some ice cream and a strawberry & … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednsday | Havana Central – Times Square

A few days ago, I visited Havana Central in Times Square NYC with my sister.  It was a "Sister's Hang Out Day" so we wanted to eat somewhere with great food (so we heard). When we arrived to the front desk, we were immediately seated upstairs.  The place looked so great, the ambiance was spectacular and the lights were nicely dimmed.  When I sat down I mentioned to my sister that this place would be nice to take our men.  She laughed. Since we were both starving, it didn't take long for us … [Read more...]