Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream | Review

Summer is officially here! The air is warm, the sun is beaming bright  and the flowers have bloomed beautifully.  It's time to put away those sneakers and boots and get those dry, cracked heels in tip-top shape to sport those cool flip flops and nice looking sandals. I don't know about you but I've seen my share of ugly dry cracked heels. I could not wear my sandals if my heels looked like that - no  way! My husband wouldn't let me live the day either. He is the one to let me know if … [Read more...]

How To Stay Cool During A Heat Wave With Food

Tomorrow New York is supposed to get hit with temperatures in the triple digits so we have to take precautions and try to stay in a cool place and keep the body well hydrated. We often think about what types of beverages are the best to drink when it's hot but did you know that there are foods that help cool the body down as well? 1. Watermelon - This fruit is number one for keeping your body cool.  It's like a bucket of water in a shell.  It's nature's natural coolant for your body and … [Read more...]

I Love Summer But….

When I want my kids to go to bed at a decent time, they don't. Why? Because they say it's still light out. My five year old says "mom, it's not time for bed yet - I can still see the trees.  When it's night time and I can't see the trees anymore, then it's bedtime." WTH? Don't get me wrong. I love the long summer days when you can hang out and enjoy the night time air but when it comes to putting my kids to bed so I can spend some quality time with my hubby, I can't. Maybe I … [Read more...]

Regal’s Free Family Film Festival

Every year since 1991, the free film festival at Regal Cinemas has been a huge hit for families during the summer. Last year I wrote about the free movie program at participating Regal Cinemas and I'm thrilled to know that they are having it again this year. During this summer, every Tuesday and Wednesday, Regal Cinemas will be featuring a movie that was once on the big screen for the low, low price of FREE! ;) Who doesn't love anything free?? I know I'll be participating in this … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation is Here!

The kids are off from school and I know I will run out of things to keep them busy.  Unfortunately, this summer, we are unable to take a vacation because of all the prices going up.  We will however, go to P.A. to visit some family for the weekend in August.  So technically, that will be our little "vacation".  One thing I would love to do is to check out some RVs For Sale and maybe we can think about traveling that way instead of going to a hotel. I have always wanted to travel in a … [Read more...]

Summer Vacations are Coming Soon

When I think about the Summer, I think about the best Summer vacation I ever had.  It was when my husband and I took the kids to Disneyworld in 2001. We had so much fun especially since we had no thoughts of terrorists.  Even though my kids were only three and five they still remember almost every part of the trip.  We had the best time of our lives.  After Disneyworld, we hopped on the Disney cruise which was the perfect way to end our trip. I think I prefer the cruise over the parks any … [Read more...]