The Secrets Of Chefs: What They’ll Never Tell You

As a mom of 3 very hungry children,  I often cook dinner almost every day of the week. It's more economical, I know exactly what I putting into every dish I make and the kids love a home-cooked meal, especially my husband.  But for me, time away from the kitchen is a blessing in disguise.   I don't have to worry about what to make, what time I should start dinner and the mess that is made after everything is done. I love to cook but the one thing I do not like is cleaning the kitchen after … [Read more...]

You like eating out at restaurants?

Well, if you're like me, then you like eating at restaurants. There's nothing better than having someone serve you hot food and then take your plate away so someone else can wash it. You pay for your food, leave a tip, get up and leave. No mess to clean up afterward and definitely no dishes to clean.  Now that's what I call service. But when I  do go out to eat, I often wonder how the clean the kitchen is.  I wonder if the chefs are clean, if they're wearing gloves while touching the … [Read more...]